What are the turkish traditional food?

Culture consists of many different elements. When we are talking about a city or country, the character of that place plays a vital role in every single aspect of that land. As an illustration, we may find some connections between the city’s common culture and food style. In this text, we’re making an array of turkish traditional food in turkey while considering turkey’s culture and untold stories about the history of these foods. Let’s dive into the most delicious foods of the land.

What are the turkish traditional food?


  1. Köfte, the king of meatballs

In turkey, everybody has a favorite restaurant for eating Köfte. This magical meatball has millions of recipes all around Turkey. Each city in turkey has its Köfte style. Meat is everything about this food, and the other things are various spices for adding a mouth-watering smell to the food. In Istanbul, you might find “İnegol Köfte” tasty, don’t miss it.


Köfte, the king of meatballs in turkey

     2. Etli Ekmek the Turkish pizza

What else do you need when Turkey provides you with the Turkish-style pizza, and it’s surprisingly super delicious? Well, Etli Ekmek is not only a name, but it’s also actually something you will never forget if you give it a try. flour, sugar, salt, yeast, and oil agree to make everything ready for the beef and other colorful things just like tomatoes. Cheese on the top adds an extra feeling to your mouth when eating Eti Eekmek, one of the best foods in turkey.


Etli Ekmek the Turkish pizza in turkey

     3. Tombik the famous Kebab

A lucky visitor in turkey is a person who suddenly finds Tombik or Gobit Kebab on a random menu among all those traditional food in turkey. In this food, we have a flatbread called Pide Ekmek – better be crispy – and the layers of doner kebab play the main role in this food.


Tombik the famous Kebab

     4. Menemen, the festival of eggs

This one is a favorite breakfast. It’s made of eggs, and even the chicken would be surprised by the result of this recipe! This Turkish dish is made of eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and some kinds of spices. This delicious food is mostly served with bread and onions. After eating Menemen, all your ideas about eggs would be different.


      5. Şiş Kebap the head of Kebabs

Of course, this is a real Kebab; not the fake versions of this great food can taste well, so the original Şiş Kebap is easy to be recognized if you are looking for the best quality. Şiş Kebap kebab is very famous among those who are into meat, lamb, and Kebab! There are many recipes for making Kebab, but professional kebab lovers believe that the best version is when you ask your favorite cook to tell you how to make it and prepare the lamb before putting on fire.


Şiş Kebap the head of Kebabs

  6.Döner the tower of juicy meat

If you have been to turkey or any Turkish food place around the world, you have seen a tower of meat and tasty stuff turning in a special kind of burner. The fire’s heat cooks every layer of that mixture, and the guy who is standing over there tries to cut the prepared part and let the rest of that giant meat have a great time with the fire. Doner Kebab is one of the most amazing traditional foods in turkey and can be found in every Turkish food place.


Döner the tower of juicy meat


       7.İskender Kebab the little boy in Kebab family

Even if you ask millions of times that the traditional foods in turkey, Kebab would be the most repeated name here; İskender Kebab is not like other kebabs in appearance, but it consists of doner kebab, a massive amount of tomato sauce, and melted butter that generously brings an unforgettable taste to the food. This food is a complete one; it’s heavy, and a hungry man has no other room after eating a meal of İskender Kebab. By the way, the name of this kind of Kebab comes from the name of the inventor of this food: İskender Efendi, who has lived there centuries ago; his heritage has been taken seriously, though.

İskender Kebab


       8.Corba the soup of happiness

Lamb and beef are very popular in Turkey but don’t look for them in every food. Corba is a kind of Turkish soup full of red lentils. Yes, the color of lentils is essential as they are different from the dark ones. Turkish people consider Corba a kind of appetizer. It is ready only in 30 minutes, which is good news for those who are starving! Try Corba, and after 10 spoons, cumin, paprika, mint, thyme, black pepper, and red pepper throw a party there on your tongue, and the primary taste shows up.


       9.Kuzu Tandir, the well-cooked lamb

Tandir is a kind of thing or technique for cooking meals. Some coals are on fire with a beautiful red color, the food you are going to cook with “Tandir” must be hung over the fires in Tandir, which is pot-shaped. The high heat inside the Tandir reaches the interior part of the lamb. Lemon juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil cover the leg of the lamb, which ends up with a tasty traditional Turkish food. The way you cook this food truly influences the taste, don’t underestimate Turkish traditions.


       10. Pide a mixture from heaven

Bread is an essential part of Turkish food. Pide _that is a traditional Turkish food, _can be considered one of Turkey’s most popular foods, and a big part of this food as the flatbread. Vegetables and ground meat are the fillings of Pide. Locals try to use different types of herbs to make a better result out of their mixture. After trying this food, you will be thinking of other toppings for this food to experience new self-made versions of Pide.


       11. Meze the base of everything

Do not look for a particular food with this name. Meze is a type of food Turkish people love to have before the main meal. Whether you have fish or meat, Meze has its part on your table. Mezes are typically served before the meal; that’s why we think they can be a kind of appetizer. Start a conversation with friends around the table, and this is the time of Meze. Some people love special Mezes to eat while drinking alcoholic drinks. That’ll make sense!


          12.Çiğ Köfte the rich meatball

“Merhaba”! it is the very first word you will hear after having the first piece of Çiğ Köfte in turkey, and that is a kind of compliment. As you know, Kofte is a kind of meatball, and it has millions of types all around Turkey. But this one is one of the most popular ones. This food is a food you mainly find at home when the local women are making it. So guess what? The taste is not comparable to street foods. Kneading is a big part of this food. The more you knead the materials, the better taste it gets.


         13.Pilav (Pilaf) the additional taste

Turkish cuisine has a character, and Pilaf is a big part of that. This food- which is more ceremonial – is mostly rice, but no wonder if you try bulgur, cracked wheat, and Kuskus pilaf, and fall in love with them. This sacred food is often served alongside other traditional foods in Turkey. An additional feeling comes to your mouth because of meat, chicken, or fish as you taste it. Turkish people enrich Pilaf with many kinds of things. You can try all of them to find your favorite one.


         14.Yaprak Sarma the rolled food

Minced meat rolled and filled in grapevine leaves is the famous Yaprak Sarma. Although rolling the leaves can be time-consuming, the result makes you wonder about the traditional foods in turkey. Many people want to find their favorite type of Yaprak sarma, and that is about the things you add to your food. The taste of grape leaves is a little bit sour, and many ingredients can make it tastier. We strongly recommend you find a chance to try Yaprak Sarma in a local kitchen in turkey.


         15.Dolma the original stuffed food

You may find Dolma the same as the Yaprak Sarma due to their shapes. But the point is Dolma means capsicum, and with this word, we refer to all the stuffing foods. Stuffed eggplants and bell peppers are the most favorite types of Dolma the way Turkish people put the rice and meat in the eggplants and cook it is different from grape leaves and what we know as Yaprak Sarma.


Dolma the original stuffed food


         16.İmam Bayıldı the vegan food

Here we have one of the most favorite traditional foods in turkey: İmam Bayıldı. Vegetarians in turkey are the biggest fans of this awesome combination. Onion, garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil agree to offer you a portion of delicious food that is served at room temperature. Yogurt and rice often come with İmam Bayıldı in a dish to make it an excellent choice while looking for good food in turkey.


         17.Borek the magical taste and scent

Sometimes it’s unbelievable when you try the result of the Turkish style of cooking. Ok, herbs are so cool in the food. Or cheese has a unique taste in every food. But in this case, we are talking about Borek, a Turkish cuisine in which the materials taste double perfect and very different.


          18.Durum the modern Doner

This one is not like other traditional foods in turkey. The size and the shape are reminding you of sandwiches and look more modern than traditional. But the fact is the materials which are used in this Turkish wrap have a lot to offer! Typical doner kebab plus lettuce and tomatoes are here, and lavaş – a thin kind of bread- sits on the chair of ordinary sandwich bread to rolls the meat and vegetables.


           19.Kumpir the hot mashed

Potatoes are very lovable in Turkish dishes, and Kumpir is one of the traditional turkey foods that is mainly made of a baked potato. Many side dishes come together to make a better taste for Kumpir. However, this food looks very simple and easy to make; the toppings you may like to add to this food can make it your favorite street food. We strongly recommend pickles, sweetcorn, and olives.


Kumpir the hot mashed

           20.Balik Ekmek and the fish story

The Fish sandwich is not a very popular food in the world. But to everyone’s surprise, Balik Ekmek, one of Turkey’s best traditional foods, has a lot to do with your hunger! Let’s say the scent itself can drive you crazy! Balik Ekmek is a famous street food all around the turkey. In brief, it’s a sandwich made of oily fish. The name of this food explains it very well as the Turkish word Balik means fish, and Ekmek means bread. That is a tasty food you can find on the Eminonu square in turkey.


           21.Simit the belly filler

Want to fill your stomach in the cheapest possible way? Simit is for you! This food can be found everywhere in turkey. This food is an ancient one that goes back to many centuries ago, but it still has many fans worldwide. It’s a circle-shaped food made of cream, sugar, dry yeast, eggs, and four. Try it with your breakfast, and your day will begin in a Simit way!


           22.Kunefe the super-rich sweet

Turkish Kunefe sweet cheese pastry has been one of the most popular Turkish sweets since many years ago. The extraordinary thing about this dessert is that you’d better eat it hot! It brings the real taste of syrups to your mouth, and that is the moment you will truly understand the art of Turkish cooks. Kunefe is one of a million kinds of Baklava, and the recipe has a lot to say about details and techniques of cooking.


Kunefe the super-rich sweet


           23.Baklava the ultimate Turkish dessert

Baklava can simply wow you if you try it in turkey! Baklava is a deliciously rich dessert in turkey that has a smooth sweet taste. Butter and syrup play the main role in the recipe of this brilliant dessert.  Chopped nuts are the fillings, and they bring an extra taste and sense to Baklava. This sweet dessert has many types with different recipes and not only in Turkey, but many other Asian countries are also enjoying this style of cooking.


           24.Kahvalti the morning starter

It’s not fair if you talk about traditional foods in turkey without considering special Turkish breakfast. Kahvalti is “breakfast” in the Turkish language. Along with the fantastic cuisine of turkey, culturally speaking, Turkish people value breakfast as much as other meals. Honey, cheese, white bread, butter, and tea are always the most favorite things to start the day with Turkish people. As we talked about it before, Menemen is also one of the kinds of breakfasts in turkey. It consists of eggs, _which are other important materials for Turkish breakfast.


Kahvalti the morning starter


       25.Kazan Dibi, the mouth-watering caramel

There is no need to talk about this dessert if you have ever tried it in turkey. Let’s say it’s amazingly fantastic, and the moment you taste the caramelized milky pudding in your mouth, you’ll be walking on air! Naturally, it has milk, sugar, corn starch, rice flour, and vanilla extract plus Turkish chefs’ art, and this combination is from heaven!

Kazan Dibi, the mouth-watering caramel You say!
One of the best ways to enjoy culture or a different country is to get closer to their eating habits and style. In Turkey’s case, the array of the best foods will never end, and here in this text-only, a few of them are mentioned. If you have ever tried any Turkish food that you think is tasty, let us know your experience.

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