Traveling to Turkey During COVID19

Traveling to Turkey during COVID19


The most expressing word in this 2020 is COVID19, undoubtedly. This is a horror, frustration, and a struggling situation we are dealing with for this deadly virus.

However, people have embraced the terrible condition as normally as they could due to the sack of living lives. But, the effectiveness and number of losses have not reached in the recovering state yet.

It might take more than a year or two to get along with this pandemic and this is a completely unpredictable situation now.

Yet, people need to earn their livings and for this, they have to travel from place to place, country to country. Though both the domestic and international flights are still not opened, some emergency flights are taking off.

The spreading of COVID19 is not limited to a few conditions now, but it is spreading through direct physical connections, respiratory droplets, contaminated surfaces or objects, and even can be transmitted by air (recent studies show).

So, if you need to go abroad and have got the permit to travel to Istanbul during the pandemic, you need to maintain the best health and safety guidelines first. The following facts are going to be helpful for you while traveling to Turkey during COVID19.


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Take Initial Safety Measures

The regular safety measures during this pandemic are wearing masks, gloves, covering important documents or papers inside a polythene bag, carrying hand sanitizer, carrying toothpick for pressing elevator buttons, or ATM booth’s buttons, etc.

Also, make sure to dispose of the used toothpicks in a safe waste bin after every use and take the new one for the next use. While sneezing and coughing, make sure to cover your mouth with your elbow instead of your palm or hands’ direct contact.


Carry Travel and Medical History

It is safe for you to carry your previous travel history, as well as your medical test reports, has done recently. There is a huge chance to get affected within 14 days once someone is affected by COVID19. So, history would tell if you are safe to travel to Turkey or threatening others.


About Wearing Outfits

Consider wearing a full-sleeve dress so that you don’t get direct contact with the surfaces, objects, or people around you. Also, the culture and religion of Turkish people are pretty conservative, though they are very friendly with tourists.

So, it is better to wear outfits that cover your knees, shoulders, and every possibly visible part of your body. It gives you safety during this pandemic, as well.


About Greetings

Turkish people kiss both cheeks as their greetings. So, this can be a very powerful source to get affected by COVID19 easily. Avoid getting into such greetings and any other kind of physical interaction during your stay in Istanbul, Turkey.


Avoid Crowded Places

Last but not the least, avoid crowded places without any second thought. Consider staying in the hotel room unless you don’t have work or meetings outside.

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