Revision Rhinoplasty

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What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary nose job is the most challenging of all plastic surgery method that demands sound judgment by both client and surgeon.
Revision rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, and revision nose surgery are all famous names for the method required to renew operational points that ascend after a first rhinoplasty.
Complex preoperative consideration promotes correct client choice. Even in the best of hands, visible disfigurement or breathing troubles may happen after rhinoplasty. That is due to the complex frame of the nose and notions of curing. Revision rhinoplasty often demands the use of cartilage to dispute injured or defective cartilage eliminate in the former surgery /demands cartilage for the tip and bridge of the nose. In this kind of surgery, surgeons often must designate cartilage from another part of the body, especially the ear and sometimes the rib. “Temporalis fascia” is a great source that can be taken from an inaccessible slit within the hairline and ends in no evident deficiency.
Revision rhinoplasty, or secondary nose job, is a procedure complete to correct problems.
The key aim of revision rhinoplasty is to help re-create the nose to balance well with the other facial factors while successfully resolving any aesthetic or functional concerns.

Advantages of revision rhinoplasty contain:

The balanced facial figure, revision rhinoplasty renew the nose and finish in a more appropriate facial form; when completed, revision rhinoplasty will take concentrate away from the noise and focus on the eyes.
– Repaired nasal proportion, revision rhinoplasty is sometimes achieved to correct disfigurement of the nasal tip, deformed nose, or other nasal aspects not focused on the first rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty has a higher change rate than the first rhinoplasty.
– Develop breathing, revision rhinoplasty is sometimes accomplished to the right nasal difficulty in past nose surgery.
– misplaced or disclosed nasal implant
– burden nose disfigurement
– transposed v disfigurement

Candidates for a change nose job:

Clients who are not satisfied with negative physical impacts or emotional impacts following a first rhinoplasty maybe are good candidates for revision rhinoplasty.
Causes for experiencing a revision rhinoplasty may contain:
. Make a face more balanced
. Renew breathing ability or repair other nasal complexities ending from a first rhinoplasty.
. Acquire the correct balance of the facial characters.
. Improve the client’s self-confidence in the facial figure.
. Make a better profile.
Revision rhinoplasty can rebuild difficulties happening during a first rhinoplasty such as:
. breathing difficulties.
. under-concision (inadequate texture departed)
. over-concision (unnecessary texture departed)
. complexities such as frightening, deflection, bumps, torsion, crumble and imbalance
Before and after photo is a must for patients who are consulting revision rhinoplasty surgery that looks into revision rhinoplasty that cannot achieve a written explanation of the procedure. A person can also use revision nose surgery photos to help choose if the surgery can help them accomplish the needed results.

what do we do for you?

For revision rhinoplasty in Turkey or other destinations, you are going to stay here for a week. In this itinerary, we explained what you are going to do each day.

What do we offer in our revision rhinoplasty packages?

Elcid tour is honored to offer you all-inclusive rhinoplasty packages at the most reasonable price. But what do we offer in our nose job packages for our patients from around the world?

E-visa authorization code

If you need a visa to travel to Turkey or other destinations, we will help you get your visa authorization code. If you only need the arrival visa at the airport, our assistant will help you with that too.
*The fee for your visa depends on your home country, and it will be different.

Airport and inter-city transfer

We provide airport pick up and drop off transfers to/from your hotel. Also, we prepare intercity transfers between your hotel and clinic or hospital for you. If you decide to visit the city before your operation, you can count on us too.


Based on your choice, you can stay for seven nights in a hotel that is close to the clinic and hospital.

Rhinoplasty and Medical services

The leading service in our package is your rhinoplasty surgery. But we also cover the clinic and visiting the doctor, taking all medical tests, and taking the medical photos—post-operative care in the hospital, your medicines, the recovery, and follow-up assistant if needed.

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