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What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is the most common and complicated type of all plastic surgery on the nose (nose reshaping), changing the shape, size of the nose or improving its operation (breathing) or both, bringing it into a better relationship with the rest of the face (facial balance). It is additionally done to mend nasal fissures that the aim is to recover pre-trauma emergence of the nose.

Rhinoplasty (nose job) can be done for two reasons:

Medical reasons: 

To correct breathing problems linked to the nose or proper disfigurement affecting injury or birth defects.
The most common medical reason for rhinoplasty is the difficulty of breathing through the nose. The nasal problem can create complications with exercise, bother sleep, tend to snore.

Cosmetic reasons: 

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is concentrated on the part of the nose you can clearly see. In this surgery, clients are discomforted with the form of their noses. They can use rhinoplasty to reform their nose, cover hump or bump, improve a pressed or disfigurement nasal apex, and reform the basis or connection of the nose or both.
The most popular demand are lessening the nasal hump, the apex or correcting imbalanced, In this part; most people often complain about having a hump; they concern about the bridge or the tip of their nose, which will change the shape and appearance of the nose, boost facial balance and self-confidence. The aim of cosmetic rhinoplasty is to better the emergence of the nose by reforming the figure.

Functional rhinoplasty:

Functional rhinoplasty is a medically essential method that is operated to improve breathing trouble and sinus effects. “The most common reason a patient seeks a functional rhinoplasty is to improve breathing,” Dr. Friedman says.
Some people have problems with their breathing, not their nose’s shape. In this case, functional rhinoplasty is offered that refers to a kind of surgery that improves the function of the nose without affecting its appearance. The aim of functional rhinoplasty is the development of reconstruction of the figure of the damaged nose.
Cosmetic and functional nasal methods are commonly linked and have related improvements.
There are two kinds of rhinoplasty: open rhinoplasty closed rhinoplasty. The difference between these two is the location of the slits through which surgery is completed.
In open rhinoplasty, a slit is generally made in a vertical strip of the nose, inducing the peel to be divided to the nasal structure beneath.
In disparity, closed rhinoplasty is usually completed through the nostrils using tiny slits placed on the inside of the nose -ending in no outside disfiguring. Every pattern has an individual advantage.

For more information also you can see here (American plastic surgery associates).

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to a report in Etemad newspaper in Iran as many as 200,000 people go for Rhinoplasty surgery every year. These informal statistics reveal that Iran has one of the highest rates of nose job surgery in the world (180 cases per 100,000 according to a report in 2011). There you can find highly professional surgeons with a long history of experience. Clinics and hospitals are modern and provide facilities within western standards.

A percentage of people choose to have a revision Rhinoplasty due to the failure of the primary surgery or dissatisfaction with the results. In itself, a revision nose job is not riskier than the primary one but it should be performed with extra care and vigilance. For being nominated for a secondary Rhinoplasty pre-consultation and examination are required. As nasal tissues respond less than , the revision nose job cause fewer changes than the primary one so the patient should have very reasonable expectations.

As far as been observed, this operation is not very painful. However, some patients may feel itchy and tender, which also depends on the type of surgery and may be due to the pressure escaping the airway or sinus during the surgery. However, your surgeon can give you the best advice to reduce pain; you can also consult with your doctor to use pain-relieving pills. Rather than pain, most of the patients report that discomfort is a bigger issue than pain after the surgery. Meanwhile, some complain about aches they feel due to that congestion and sinus pressure . Generally, the pain reduces after few days (36 to 72 hour) but it can remain if the nose is severely touched or manipulated. However, nose sensitivity to touch and swellings can last as long as months after the surgery (up to 3 months).

Some patients might leave the hospital the same day they have had nose surgery. For the first days it is recommended to keep your head elevated and for the swellings to be reduced you can apply ice packs. Normally after 7 days nasal splints and bandages are removed so some people feel free to go out and do social events after this period of time. A minority of swellings and bruising remain after the first week and the rest gradually decreases which might last up to a few months or even a year. There, you can find the final results that you have been waiting for.

Different ranges are quoted when we face the cost of a nose job or rhinoplasty. This variation is due to the fact that different factors affect the price of the procedure. The procedure is comprised of anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, medical tests, Hospital or clinic costs, post-surgery garments, prescription for medication, and other related costs. A surgeon usually asks for the fee based on his or her reputation and experience. Other factors as the type of the surgery, duration of your operation, surgery’s complexity, type and administrator of anesthesia and also the number of stages that are included in your operation are determinant of surgery’s costs.

In North America average fees ranges from 3000 to 16000 $.

There is a wide range of prices around the European countries. These prices can be seen from 2000 to 14000 $.

In Canada, prices range from 5000 to 15000 $ depending on different factors.

There are different types of anesthesia chosen for patients based on varying factors. Patient’s preference, Medical history, or current health status of the patient based on the doctor’s assessment and invasiveness of the process. Generally, anesthesiologists prefer general anesthesia due to the complexity and invasiveness of this operation. However, sometimes local anesthesia is preferred especially when minimal reshaping is done such as tip work.

Many people feel more comfortable with better self-esteem after undergoing a nose job. Some feel like it has opened a door for them to get attraction and better perception from the people they encounter with. So the answer can be yes on the condition that you be the right candidate for such an operation. Your skillful and experienced doctor examines whether you are the right one or not.

Although Some nonsurgical alternatives as Contouring and makeup and also dermal fillers are offered on some websites you should keep in mind that the structure of the nose is formed by your bone where attaches to your face and the tip of that is formed by soft cartilage which creates flexibility so all these alternatives are temporary and not permanent. Contouring and makeup just change the appearance and not the size of the nose and dermal fillers which are inserted beneath the skin reshape the nose size. The operation takes less than 15 minutes and results may last up to 6 months.

Nose surgery as any other surgeries may carry some risks which can be minimized by taking some measures. Infections, bleedings, adverse reactions to anesthesia, altered skin sensation or numbness around the operated area, dissatisfaction with the final results, impaired or difficulty with breathing, septal perforation, asymmetry or uneven-looking appearance, persistent swelling or pain, and skin discoloration are risks which may occur during the surgery. Although many of these might rarely happen, your surgeon or staff will explain in detail the procedure or any associated risks.

After leaving the hospital it is suggested to avoid such activities that might be harmful. Strenuous activities including lifting heavy weights, running, any significant exertion, smoking, long-lasting driving, jogging, and firm touching of the nose for almost 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. After surgery rest at home and try to keep your head elevated with a pillow or more. Take your medications as prescribed and in case of any discomfort contact your doctor.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty or nose surgery brings changes to the bone and cartilage of the nose placed inside and subsequently these changes alter outer appearance. Your facial feature drastically can be affected by a disproportionate or asymmetrical nose. However, giving a definite answer is not possible. Every surgery brings different results depending on the degree you desire to reshape your nose and the current position of the nose and face.

For complete information, you can refer to the related blog post.

There are some tips you can take for a fast recovery from  nose surgery.

  • Get plenty of rest especially within 48 hours of surgery.
  • Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take soft food for the first week. Juices and soups enriched with vitamins are best recommended. After the first week follow a nutritious diet full of protein (seeds, nuts, eggs and …) and vitamins as A and C (spinach, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries and …). High-fiber foods such as vegetables help for better digestion and relieving from constipation which may put pressure on the surgery area.
  • Keep your head elevated and apply a cold compress within 48 hours of surgery for the swellings to subside.
  • Avoid extreme and strenuous physical activities.
  • Do not blow your nose.
  • Two weeks before and after surgery stop taking medications containing ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • Stop smoking. The Nicotine in tobacco slows up your recovery process as it limits blood flow. What should you avoid before Rhinoplasty?

People can have nose surgery as they reach full nasal maturity which your surgeon determines . Generally, girls reach sooner to the ideal age to be a candidate (at least 15 or 16) and boys usually physically mature later (17 or 18).

  • You need almost a week off from work. You would better consider and arrange that if you a full-time job.
  • Final results take time as swellings and bruising gradually subside.
  • Have realistic expectations to not to get disappointed.
  • Ask questions from your doctor and explain your expectations.
  • Everybody is not the ideal candidate for nose surgery
  • Recovery period depends on the type of nose surgery (open or close) and post- care measures.

Few things might occur that can affect your smile. If the operation is done on the base or at the skin bridge, due to the swelling, it might result in dropping the upper lip which is temporary. After that the swelling subsides it goes back to its normal position. Other times if the work is centralized on this area, it weakens the muscles associated with the upper lip though it is temporary and return to normal position in a few months.

Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty reshapes the form of the nose which is based on bone and cartilage. So it permanently changes and can last forever though some due to dissatisfaction or problems come to a revision.
Although not in function, changes may occur in voice quality. Considering the research conducted by Dr.Kamran Khazaeni, alterations in voice quality including an increase in hyponasality have been detected. However, the changes might not be apparent in everyday life but people relying on their voice and use it professionally should consider these voice alterations following Rhinoplasty

Naturally, there is no problem with the sense of smell in nasal surgery. However, the sense of smell may decrease after the operation because the nasal mucosa is manipulated during the operation. However, this minor problem will gradually disappear over a period of six months. So there is nothing to be worried about. For more information please refer to the related blog post.

For finding complete information please refer to the related blog post.

After healing fully from the first surgery. It is your plastic surgeon who determines the best time for undergoing the revision surgery. Usually, it takes 6 to 18 months for a recovery period.

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