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What is Breast reduction surgery:

Large breasts can damage the spine and cause physical damage over time. In some cases, the breasts enlarge with age and will be both physically damaging.

Breast reduction surgery is a common solution for problems caused by breast hypertrophy, the medical term for large, drooping breasts. This can affect women or men of all ages and can occur even among suitable physical shapes. Breast hypertrophy can cause neck and back pain by stretching nerves and forcing you to stand and walk differently to compensate for the strain that the weight of your breasts puts on your muscles and bones of your back. A woman’s posture is often negatively affected by breast hypertrophy.

Some of the reasons that cause breasts to enlarge:

  • GynecomastiaPoland syndrome
  • Constricted breast
  • Hypoplastic breast
  • Breast asymmetry


 One of the reasons is Gynecomastia.

One of the most common aesthetic concerns for men of any age is the persistence of male breast enlargement. For younger men, this may occur as a result of hormone fluctuation during puberty. In many cases, this enlargement may fade over time following puberty. However, male breast enlargement that persists into a man’s adult years can be caused by a common condition known as gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is caused by the development of excess glandular tissue in the chest area. It can badly impact a man’s self-confidence as well as his ability to fit into clothes comfortably.

Second reason is Poland syndrome:

Poland syndrome is a condition where the muscles on one side of the body are underdeveloped or missing entirely. This syndrome can affect the shoulder, chest, arm, and even the hand. Mild cases of Poland syndrome may go unnoticed until puberty. For our purposes here, when the chest muscle, the Pectoralis Major, is missing or underdeveloped, the chest can take on a concave appearance. This results in depression and may even seem like there is no breast on that side of the patient’s body.

 The third reason is constricted breast:

Constricted breasts, also known as tuberous breasts, is a congenital abnormality. In this condition, the breasts do not develop fully during puberty. Not only can the breasts be small, but there can also be a wider space between the breasts, and they can be “saggy.” Surgical correction requires higher expertise than regular breast augmentation.

 The fourth reason is hypoplastic breast:

Hypoplastic breasts can occur similar to the above. This condition is also called Mammary Hypoplasia. Some of these signs are narrow, widely spaced breasts, areolas are swollen, uneven breast appearance, and breasts do not grow during pregnancy.

Breast asymmetry is a diagnosis of two unequally sized and shaped breasts. Trauma, puberty, and hormonal changes are the main causes of unequal breast appearances. It is vital to ensure that you do not have an underlying health issue causing this asymmetry before considering corrective surgery.

Other associated problems include:

  • Poor or slouching posture
  • Skin rash beneath the breasts
  • Chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Restricted levels of physical activity
  • Difficulty fitting into the bra and/or tops

How do you prepare?

  • Discuss your expectation with the doctor
  • Be relaxed
  • Ask someone to be with you after your surgery
  • Review your medical history

And finally, for more information, you can watch this video.

What do we do for you?

For Breast reduction in Turkey or other destinations, you are going to stay  for a week. In this itinerary, we explain what you are going to do each day.

What do we offer in our Breast reduction packages?

Elcid tour is honored to offer you all-inclusive Breast reduction packages at the most reasonable price. But what do we offer in our breast reduction packages for our patients from around the world?

E-visa authorization code

If you need a visa to travel to Turkey or other destinations, we will help you get your visa authorization code. If you only need the arrival visa at the airport, our assistant will help you with that too.

*The fee for your visa depends on your home country, and it will be different.

Airport and inter-city transfer

We provide airport pick-up and drop-off transfers to/from your hotel. Also, we prepare intercity transfers between your hotel and clinic or hospital for you. If you decide to visit the city before your operation, you can count on us too.


Based on your choice, you can stay for seven nights in a hotel that is close to the clinic and hospital.

Breast reduction and Medical services

The leading service in our package is your Breast reduction surgery. But we also cover the clinic and visit the doctor, take all medical tests, and take the medical photos—post-operative care in the hospital, your medicines, the recovery, and follow-up assistant if needed.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Sim card and the internet
  • the interpreter (Translator)
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