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Breast Reduction Surgery Consists of the Following

Physical damage can be caused to the spine by large breasts over time. As women age, their breasts tend to enlarge, which can be physically damaging.

The problem of breast hypertrophy, an enlarged and drooping breast, is typically treated by breast reduction surgery. Despite being physically fit and of any age, this can occur among women or men. The weight of your breasts can put a strain on your back muscles and bones, causing neck and back pain due to stretched nerves and the need to walk and stand differently as a result. In women with breast hypertrophy, posture is usually negatively impacted.

Several factors can cause breast enlargement:

  • A condition is known as Gynecomastia Poland
  • Breast constriction
  • Breast hyperplasia
  • Asymmetry of the breasts


Despite their age, male breast enlargement remains one of the most significant aesthetic concerns for men. During puberty, this may occur for younger men due to hormone fluctuations. Many times, this enlargement fades over time following puberty. Nevertheless, male breast enlargement that persists throughout adult life is more commonly attributed to gynecomastia.

The condition is caused by the development of excess glandular tissue in the chest region. In addition to negatively impacting self-confidence, it can also make it difficult for the patient to fit comfortably into clothes.

Poland Syndrome

One side of a body can have underdeveloped or missing muscles due to the Poland syndrome. The hand, shoulder, chest, and arm can all be affected by this syndrome. Mild Poland syndrome cases may not be diagnosed until puberty. A crate that is underdeveloped or missing its most significant muscle, the Pectoralis Major, can appear concave. A patient may experience depression and even feel that they have no breast on that side of their body.

Constricted Breast

A congenital abnormality that has restricted breasts is known as tuberous breasts. This condition results in incomplete breast development during puberty.

As well as small breasts, there can also be more expansive spaces between the breasts, and the breasts can be saggy. The surgical correction of this problem requires more expertise than augmentation of the breasts.

Hypoplastic Breast

Similar to the above, hypoplastic breasts can also occur. Hypoplasia of the mammary glands may also be referred to as Mammary Hypoplasia. Breasts tend to get narrow and widely spaced, areolas typically swell, the breast shape is asymmetrical, and breasts do not grow during pregnancy.

An asymmetric breast is one whose size and shape are unequal. Asymmetry in breast appearance is caused primarily by trauma, puberty, and hormonal changes. Before considering corrective surgery, it is essential to ensure that no underlying health issue is responsible for the asymmetry.

The following problems are also associated with this disorder:

  • Poor posture or slouching
  • Bruising beneath the breasts
  • Having chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Physical activity levels that are restricted
  • Inability to fit into a bra or top

What Are Your Preparations?

  • Consult your doctor about your expectations
  • Relax yourself
  • After your surgery, find someone who can be there with you
  • Obtain a medical history

What Do We Offer?

If you have breast reduction in Turkey or elsewhere, you will be staying for a week. Each day’s itinerary outlines the activities you will participate in.

Which Breast Reduction Packages do we offer?

You can get a breast reduction package with Elcid Tour’s all-inclusive offerings at a very affordable price. Our patients worldwide want to know, though, what we offer in our breast reduction packages?

Authorization Code for E-Visa

We can help you obtain your visa authorization code if you need a visa to travel to Turkey or other destinations. In addition, our assistant will help you if you only need a visa upon arrival at the airport.

Depending on your home country, you will have to pay a different fee for a visa.

Transfers Between Airports and Cities

You can be picked up from the airport and dropped off at your hotel by our drivers. A transfer from your hotel to the clinic or hospital is also arranged for you. We can also accommodate your visit to the city before the surgery.

Arrangements for Accommodation

Depending on your preference, you can stay for seven nights in a hotel near the clinic and hospital.

Medical Services and Breast Reduction

We offer Breast reduction surgery as the core service of our package. Besides the clinic and doctor visit, our team will take your medical tests, bring your medical photos, ensure that you receive the necessary medication, and provide follow-up assistance if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Healing or recovery process varies depending on every person’s body health condition, surgery technique, post-care measurements, and so on. Following the breast reduction surgery, normally, the majority of pain and swelling subside within 72 hours and are manageable with analgesics. Usually, after a week, people are able to get back to office jobs and within 2 weeks of surgery have the ability to do more active jobs. Almost after one month of the procedure, you can expect to be fully healed.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to reduce the size of the breast for those who have large ones and feel discomfort about it. The process involves taking out extra fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts.

The average cost of Breast reduction surgery according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is around 5475 $ (2019 statistics). In the U.S.A costs range from 3500 $ to 12500$. In the European Union costs range from 3000$ to 9500$ and in Iran prices vary from 1500$ to 4000$.

There are limitations and constraints for removing tissues and reducing size specifically for very large breasts. Removing excessive breast tissues might harm the vessels taking blood to the skin and nipple and it may lead to nipple and tissue death. Another constraint is associated with the aesthetic form of the body that might result in disproportionality. Most of the patients normally decrease size from one to two cups size.

Some surgeons recommend not to have surgery if you are more than a little overweight specifically when the BMI is over 30. In this condition, the risks of surgery, infection, pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia considerably increase, and also healing process may be prolonged. Losing weight before breast reduction surgery is also recommended because you can have safer and more ideal results and breast size might decrease due to weight loss so there might be no need for surgery. Moreover, losing weight after the surgery might cause your breasts to get smaller and become droopy so you may not reach your goals.

Some specific conditions make you the right candidate for undergoing breast reduction surgery:

  • You own a healthy condition and physics
  • Your large breasts have caused various pains in some parts of the body (shoulder, back, neck)
  • Your large and heavy breasts hinder you from doing exercise
  • Your breasts are not proportionate to your body frame
  • You do not have a good feeling about your large breasts
  • You do have expectations compatible with the realities
  • You feel discomfort about the bra strap due to the heavy weight of your breasts
  • There are skin irritations beneath the breasts fold

Actually, it is dependent on your breasts compositions, breasts sizes, body weight and, cosmetic goals. Normally people decrease the breast sizes up to one to two cups.

There is no definite age restriction or limitation for girls to have breast reduction surgery. On the surgeon’s determination girls over 15 years old can undergo the surgery.

If you choose the right clinic compatible with international standards and an experienced surgeon it is safe to have breast reduction surgery in Iran and Turkey. Every year, thousands of patients undergo such a surgery with great results in these countries, just be aware that cheaper prices offered might mean a less experienced with lower quality of standards and lower satisfaction so do not put price your first priority.

It is important to have a balanced diet after the surgery. Foods high in protein (beans, eggs, fish, and turkey) help your wounds to be healed sooner and speed up the recovery process. The fiber in vegetables or fruits as melon and oranges prevent probable constipation caused due to the surgery. Dairy products help your body to keep beneficial bacteria and rich colored fruits like berries family contain high levels of antioxidant which strengthen your body to reduce oxidation level.

A certain period of time before and after the surgery quit smoking and stop taking alcohol and avoid taking medications like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for the bleeding to be controlled while having the surgery. Avoid doing a strenuous activity until you are allowed by your surgeon. Take plenty of sleep after the surgery to decrease your recovery duration and take nutritious and healthy foods.

Losing weight due to tissue and fat removal is not that much considered as the largest breasts weigh a few pounds.

Breast reduction is a surgery that normally takes two to four hours and usually is done under general anesthesia. Staying in the hospital depends on your general health condition after the surgery many do not stay overnight and some spend one to two nights in the hospital.

Breast reduction surgery is done with an incision around the areola area to remove excess fat and glandular tissues to reduce the size of breasts. After removing, the nipple is repositioned and formed. The areola can be reduced in case of necessity by cutting off the skin at the perimeter. The last stage of the procedure would be closing the incision with the help of sutures or surgical tapes.

Probable risks and disadvantages of breast reduction surgery include:

  • Possible allergic reactions to drugs or medications, Anesthesia, and tape or sutures
  • Loss, reduction, or change of sensation around the nipple
  • Infection
  • Breasts asymmetry or shape irregularities
  • Scarring or incision lines which may be temporary or permanent
  • Bleeding
  • Trouble or inability with breastfeeding

If a wound doesn’t heal properly it might lead to an infection. Initial signs of infection commonly include:

  • Abnormal feelings of pain or burning sensation, redness or swelling, enlarged and hardened node, and raised skin near the wound area
  • Pus or infected fluid discharging from the incision
  • Fever

The majority of swelling subside after the first week of the surgery but it normally takes 6 to 9 months to see the final results and full recovery process.


Overly large and heavy breasts can result in back, neck, and shoulder pains which sometimes pain relievers might be needed. Also, this problem can lead to skin rashes, sensitivities, and irritations under the breasts fold. Poor self-confidence and difficulty in finding suitable clothing are other troubles following having heavy and large breasts.

Shape, form, or sensations may have alterations after undergoing breast reduction. These are all dependent on your preferences, body form and health condition, procedure and your surgeon’s skill and determinations.

The scars remained due to the surgery depend on the technique which the surgeon applies. 3 types of techniques have usually been performed that include:

  • Circular pattern around the areola area
  • Circular pattern along with a vertical line down beneath the breast crease
  • Inverted T or anchor-shaped pattern incision to the upper part of the areola

Generally, the surgery is done under general anesthesia so the patient doesn’t feel pain during the operation. There might be some pain and discomfort within one to three weeks after the surgery which usually pain relievers or sedatives are prescribed to calm that.

Breast reduction and breast lift are two different procedures but there are women who encounter both excessive tissues and sagging so there can be surgery with a combination of these two procedures to achieve a better result.

Breast reduction is not aimed at weight loss and by removing breast tissues people lose as little as two to a maximum of seven or eight pounds but breast reduction reduces the breast’s size so your overall body appearance might change. For women who are thin with large breasts, it seems they have become thinner after the surgery but this has less effect for people who have a large belly, rather, their belly might look more apparent.

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