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How Does a Breast Lift Work?

One of the most popular surgeries in recent years is breast lift surgery or mastopexy. But what happens during this procedure?

To perform breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon changes the breast tissue and gives it a new shape. Therefore, those who have sagging breasts and are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts are suitable candidates for this surgery.

Women’s breasts can become deformed and sag for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy or breastfeeding or even sudden weight loss. In addition, aging is one of the reasons that can lead the nipples down or worsen the overall shape of the breasts.

All of these acquired reasons, along with intrinsic reasons such as congenital breast abnormalities, can make a person think about having a breast lift.

The result of mastopexy surgery can increase a person’s self-confidence and beauty. But surgery is not the only way to change the shape of the breasts. Another method of breast reshaping that is more popular than surgery is a non-surgical breast lift.

The good news is that there is no incision, scarring, or anesthesia in this procedure. As a result, it is much safer than surgery. However, it may not have the same results that surgery produces.

What Factors Make People Choose Breast Lift?

When significant changes occur in the breast tissue, i.e., the breasts become large or small in a relatively short period of time, the breasts may sag. One of the main causes of sagging breasts is pregnancy and breastfeeding.

During pregnancy, the mother’s breasts become larger and fuller, and after the baby is born, the breasts will be smaller. As a result of this stretch, the tissue can be deformed.

The same situation occurs in people who undergo weight loss surgery or lose a lot of weight in a short period of time by following strict diets. Stretching the skin of the breast can affect and reduce its elasticity. As a result, the breasts become sagging.

Elderly people are also more prone to sagging breasts due to decreased skin elasticity caused by decreased skin collagen levels.

An important point to consider before surgery is to delay breast lift surgery if you are considering becoming pregnant. To begin with, the shape of the breasts will change after pregnancy and breastfeeding. So even if you have had lift surgery, you may still have sagging breasts. Research has also shown that people who undergo lift surgery are unable to produce enough milk and breastfeed well due to changes in breast tissue.

The next important point is that if you suffer from obesity, first try to lose weight and then try to change the shape of your breasts. Since obesity makes your breasts heavy, even after lift surgery, there is a possibility of sagging breasts again.

Preparing for Lift Surgery

In the pre-surgery consultation with your doctor, ask any questions or expectations you have about the outcome of your surgery. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your medical history, previous surgeries, and medications.

If you are a smoker, be sure to quit smoking a few months before surgery to have a faster recovery process. Also, do not forget to have a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

What Happens During Breast Lift Surgery?

You will probably be unconscious at the time of surgery, so you will not notice anything. After being anesthetized, the surgeon makes incisions in different areas of the breast, such as the areolae (the dark area around the nipple) and under the breasts, to give the breasts a new shape and removes the extra tissue and skins.

Finally, the surgeon sutures the breast tissue from the inside out and completes the surgery. Breast lift surgery or mastopexy usually takes about 2 to 3 hours.

What Services Does Our Company Include in the Breast Lift Package?

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By purchasing this package, we are responsible for your transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic or hospital. Even if you wanted to walk around the city before the surgery, count on us.


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Medical services and a breast lift

Our breast lift surgery is the most popular service in our package. Additionally, we cover the clinic visit and medical tests. Take all medical tests, and take the medical photos — post-operative care in the hospital, your medicines, the recovery, and follow-up assistant if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is not a definite answer to this question as it is dependent on many factors. Some might experience long-term outcomes while for others, some slight revisions after a period of time might be needed. A healthy diet, post-care measurements, proper lifestyle, age, genetics, and surgical techniques are considered as factors that can contribute to longer and better results.

Generally, the procedure is done under general anesthesia so the patient doesn’t feel the pain. After the surgery, there might be some mild to moderate pains which can be subsided by over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers.

The breast lift procedure is aimed at reshaping and repositioning the breast due to sagging and not volume reduction. In breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed, and often, sagging tissues, nipples, and areola are repositioned to achieve a new contour, so it might reduce the breasts sizes, and probably you may require a new bra fit.

There is no evidence that doing exercise can help to lift drooping breasts since they do not have muscles and are mainly composed of fatty cells and tissues. However, there are muscles beneath the breasts which by exercise can be strengthened and change the overall appearance of the sagging breasts.

There are three common types of incision techniques for performing breast lift surgery. For minimal to moderate breast sagging, an incision is made around the areola area (Doughnut lift). This technique is usually performed in combination with breast augmentation. For correcting moderate breast sagging, the Lollipop technique is usually performed. In this method, a cut is made around the areola vertically down to the crease. The third incision type which usually performs for considerable sagging is in the form of an anchor or inverted T. In this method, a cut is made around the areola and extends vertically to the breast crease and horizontally along the crease.

Some people may feel numb sensations following breast lift surgery. More often than not, these numb or weird sensations return to normal condition in 2 to 3 months after having the surgery.

The recovery process of breast lift (mastopexy) regarding the health condition of the patient normally takes up to 6 weeks following the surgery. The majority of pain typically subsides after two or three days after the surgery and is manageable through prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers. 1 week after the surgery, although substantial pain is not seen, moderate swelling and bruising might still remain and continue to persist. Within 2 to 6 weeks following the surgery, patients usually get back to normal condition and with the surgeon’s determination can start their normal activity.

While breast lift surgery or mastopexy is considered relatively a low-risk operation, there are some side effects reported following the surgery.

  • Bleeding and infection
  • Asymmetric form or size of the breasts
  • Blood clots
  • Loss of sensation in nipple area which is usually temporary
  • Seroma or accumulation of fluid
  • Poor scarring

It is recommended not to raise your arms above your breasts within a week following the surgery. Any strenuous activity should not be started unless with the determination of the surgeon.

Try to keep the incision neat and inspect it regularly for any probable infection based on your surgeon’s instructions. Avoid scratching the incision area as it might prolong the healing process. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as they may slow up the recovery process.

The majority of swelling settles in two weeks after the surgery and the rest usually removes within a few months after the surgery.

There are some factors affecting the total cost of a breast lift surgery like surgeon fee, hospital or clinic fee, anesthesiologist fee, type of breast lift, consultation fee, and location. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of plastic surgery is 5012$ which does not include anesthesia fees, operating room facilities, or other related costs. While In the United States of America expenses vary between 3000$ to 12000$ in Europe prices are from 2500$ to 8000$.

Having breast lift surgery in Turkey is safe if you find the right surgeon and hospital or clinic. Every year thousands of women undergo mastopexy in Turkey and are satisfied with the results. It is just necessary to find the experienced and accredited surgeon and a hospital or clinic operating within high standards. Some people ask about the reason behind the lower prices of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. The answer is that due to currency depreciation and low-cost labor forces, costs in comparison with other destinations become more competitive and reasonable.

Generally, it is recommended to wait for 3 to 6 months after breastfeeding, but we should consider that every woman has a different body and health condition, so it is necessary to get advice from a highly experienced board-certified surgeon before starting the procedure.

Breast lift is categorized as cosmetic surgery, so it is not likely to be covered by insurance unless it is proved that it is medically a necessity.

Breast lift and breast reduction are two different surgeries with different purposes. A breast lift removes the excess skin in order to reshape the saggy breasts to an upright position and youthful appearance and might result in smaller breast sizes. In contrast, a breast reduction removes excess fat and tissues in order to reduce the size and volume of the breasts. Sometimes, regarding the patient’s condition, a combination of two surgeries is operated.

Breast lift without reduction is achievable as this surgery is not aimed at reducing volume and just removes excess skin but sometimes reshaping results in size reduction or due to reforming they might look smaller while the weight and size have not been changed.
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