Tourist attractions in Antalya Turkey

Undoubtedly, one of Turkey’s best and main tourist centers is Antalya province and its regions, which seem to be known as one of the best and largest coastal cities in Asia and the Middle East. Of course, the beaches of Antalya are very famous. Therefore, being tourist-friendly areas, they also have many tourist facilities. The best recreational and accommodation services in Turkey are in Antalya’s tourist attractions, so stay tuned with us to explore and introduce the tourist attractions of Antalya together.


Antalya city



Introducing the tourist attractions of Antalya


Turkey is full of various tourist attractions that are spread all over the country. From the most famous and touristic city in this country, Istanbul, to the coastal towns such as Kusadasi and Antalya, there are so many different and diverse attractions. Here we have gone to Antalya’s tourist attractions, and we want to explore them for you. Do you believe that about 30% of foreign tourists who come to Turkey travel to Antalya, according to the latest statistics? According to official Turkish news agencies, the latest statistics released so far; In 2018 and for the first four months of this year, the number of tourists and foreign tourists traveling to the region has increased by nearly 40%.




The Side, one of the unbelievable tourist attractions in Antalya


The first attraction that we want to introduce to you among Antalya’s tourist attractions is the city of Side. Located on the Mediterranean coast, the Side itself is home to many tourist and historical attractions. One of the most famous attractions in the city is the Athena Hall. The Side is a port area with ancient and historical sights. Side means pomegranate tree. There are many sandy beaches, historical and ancient monuments, various tourist facilities and different shops and stores in this city, which will undoubtedly make visiting this city more attractive to you. Among the spectacular attractions in this city are: Seyed Theater, East Coast, Seyed Museum, Seleucia City, Agora State Complex, Selg City, Manavgat Falls, Dodensik Caves, Copernicus Park Canyon, and  Manavgat Waterfall.


antalya city from other side


Undoubtedly, one of the tourist attractions of Antalya is the Manavgat waterfalls. The waterfall flows from the south of the Tars Mountains and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Among the factors that make these waterfalls attractive are the beautiful local restaurants and numerous tea gardens. This waterfall is 4 km away from Magnavat. Most tourists, who come to this area, must use the ships and cruise boats in this river. About the Manavgat waterfall, you should know that this waterfall is not very high. Still, the spring is foamy, and also the water of this waterfall, which falls from above, creates a breathtaking scene.






 Kartepe National     Park

One of Antalya’s most natural and spectacular attractions is Karatepe National Park, which means Black Hill. Suppose we want to describe this hill well in one word. In that case, we must say that Karate is more like a historical complex of soldiers than Antalya’s tourist attractions! In this national park, large boulders are carved into the ancient script, which is one of the most important remnants of prehistoric and original civilization in Turkey. Remains of the residence of one of the famous ancient kings named Asitavada, ancient inscriptions of Phoenician and Hittite tribes in this national park is one of the magnificent events that happened there. The park was one of the areas where war groups fought each other during the Crusades. If you visit this park, be sure to visit the statues and sculptures that have the image of animals such as cows and lions or even human figures. Of course, it is good to know that these sculptures have been damaged by nature over time, and now only parts of it remain. There was a castle called Teprak Kale in this park, which was even used by European armies.


Antalya beaches

Antalya beaches

Antalya’s beaches are among the best-known beaches around the globe. In Antalya, the largest area is related to its coastlines. One significant point about beaches in this area is that, due to the steep slope of the mountains overlooking these beaches in the Mediterranean Sea in the western part of the Mediterranean coast, the sea is too deep. Also, on the beaches such as Tekirava, Qash, Kumloja, Finike, and Demre, there are excellent tourist facilities, which welcome many tourists. Of course, one of the best beaches you can find on Antalya’s coastline is the eastern part of Antalya. That is between a plain in the middle of the mountains as well as the sea. In fact, near Ghazi Pasha, these beaches, called Belek, Lara, Kenova, and Karpokaldizan, start. We will briefly introduce some of these beaches to you in the following.



Konyaaltı Beach


One of Antalya’s most famous beaches, which is one of Antalya’s tourist attractions today, is the Konyaalti beach. That is between Bidglerli mountains and cliffs. This beach’s beauty is that it has beautiful mountains in one part of the beach and green lands in the other part of the beach. The sandy road of this beach goes through between the green trees and the Mediterranean Sea. On this beach, you can use various facilities and various cafes and restaurants.


Konyaaltı Beach Antalya



Patara Beach

Pantra beach antalya

Patras Beach is close to the city center and is known as Antalya’s most beautiful beaches. This beach has a dark blue color, which is 18 km away from the white sand beach. The remarkable thing about Patras Beach is that it has a protected area for rare turtles that travel to it every year to lay eggs, which is still protected.






Phaselis Beach

Phaselis Beach Antalya

Another famous and popular beach in Antalya is Phaselis Beach. This turquoise beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya. This beach is in the northern part of the Olympia, and it presents the presence of the Romans and Greeks in Turkey many years ago.





Kemer Beach


Another beach in Antalya is Kemer Beach, which is west of the center of the province. Kemer beach consists of 2 parts, north and south. We have some things to say about Kemer Beach. First of all, this beach is known as the cleanest beach in Antalya. Because it received this title from the European Union, it received the blue flag, which means the same thing. And the second point is that watching the sunsets in this area is one of the unique activities you can do in your entire life.


Kemer beach antalya



 Black Beach

One of the beaches of Antalya that has luxurious facilities is Belek Beach. The water of this beach

BLACK BEACH ANTALYAis clear, and its tourism facilities are the best. On this beach, you can do sports activities such as football, golf, and tennis. You can also use the children’s parks on this beach. This beach’s length is 16 km, and today it has become one of the most popular beaches in Antalya.



Roman Baths

Another tourist attraction of Antalya is undoubtedly the very famous Roman baths in this city.

Roman bath

This bathroom has a beautiful area that, although it is used today as a museum, has a quiet atmosphere. The Roman bath is in the eastern part of Side city. This bath, or rather the museum, is one of the best collections in which Turkey’s historical and archeological monuments are available. This historic bath is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Antalya that we suggest you visit.



 Murat Pasha Mosque


Outside the palaces, on the street called Kazem Oz Alp in Antalya, a mosque belongs to the Ottoman era, which is still one of the most beautiful mosques of the Ottoman and Seljuk Turks. The architecture and design of this mosque include three domes that have colored decorated stones.


Murat pasha masque



 Finike city


One of the most beautiful cities for tourism in Antalya, which is not without grace, is the city of Finike. The factor that makes Phoenix famous is undoubtedly the orange product of this city, which has a lot of fame. Imagine; Sea, beach, and orange groves! What scene is more beautiful and magnificent than this? Of course, there are still many remnants of historical and ancient times in this beautiful city that belong to the era of Arikanda and Lemira. Therefore we can say with confidence that this city is one of the unique attractions around the globe.




 Düden Waterfalls

At a distance of 28 km from the

Düden waterfall

old road of Bordeaux Antalya, there is a breathtaking waterfall, the source of which is a spring called Pinarbashi, which is in an area called Kirk Guzzler. The confluence of this river has created the Duden River. After 14 km, the running waterfalls down into a Warsaw pit and flows down again after a short flow. After that, at the end and after 2 km, water flows out in the waterfall catchment, Duden waterfall. It is interesting to know that after 9 km, this waterfall’s water enters the Mediterranean Sea.










 Dilek Kaya Village


Dilek Kaya village is a steppe village in the north of the Ceyhan River, one of Antalya’s tourist attractions today. In this village, a small and famous museum in which the mosaic style belongs to Roman baths.


 Dilek Kaya Village antalya



One day in Antalya


Antalya is one of Turkey’s most important cities, which is visited by a large number of travelers every year. Beautiful beaches such as Konyaalti and Lara, various shopping malls, and other tourist attractions in this city have made it one of the most attractive cities around the globe. According to the evidence, the history of this city dates back to 150 BC. If you have only one day to travel to Turkey, you must have a pre-arranged plan to do it. Therefore, we intend to prepare you for a day trip to Antalya in Antalya’s one-day travel guide, so join us.





Eat-in Antalya



There are two modes for you at the beginning of the day: either you are in your bed inside the hotel, or you have just arrived in this port city. Your body energy is low, so you should start your day with a proper breakfast. You can go to the hotel restaurant you have booked for breakfast because most of the hotels in this city have a breakfast menu. Some of them have breakfast as part of the initial services for their travelers. But if you do not want to have breakfast at the hotel, you can go to the cafes in this city.


Antalya city cafes


 Vanilla Café

A cozy cafe in Antalya is Vanilla Cafe. According to the pleasant atmosphere, you can go for a hearty breakfast.

Address: Turkey – Antalya Kılınçarslan, Zafer Sk. No: 15, 07100 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


Vanilla cafe Antalya


Mado Café

Another cafe that you can go to in Antalya and have a delicious breakfast is Mado Café. The coffee and tea in this cafe are very famous.

Address: Turkey – Antalya Fener, Tekelioğlu Cd. No: 70, 07160 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


Mado cafe Antalya


Lunch or dinner

You can go to restaurants in the city for lunch or dinner and enjoy a delicious Turkish meal. There will be a restaurant in the hotel like breakfast, but if you want to dine in the city. At the same time, sightseeing and shopping will mention a few suitable restaurants in the city.


Ore Borek

One of Turkey’s most popular dishes, which is enjoyed by both Turks and non-Turks for breakfast; You can also have a burger for breakfast and lunch on your trip to Antalya.


Ore Borek

turkey tours


Antalya City Restaurants


 Hasanaga Restaurant

In Hasanaga restaurant, you can taste a variety of traditional Turkish dishes, including meatballs, special kebabs, and vegetarian dishes. Live music is also available in this restaurant at the last meal of the night.

Address: Barbaros, Mescit Sk. No: 17, 07100 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


Hasanga Restaurant



Il Il Vicino Pizzeria Restaurant

If you like fast food, you can also go to this restaurant, as it is one of Antalya’s best restaurants. The best Italian food with unforgettable flavors and a variety of pizzas and sandwiches that are one of the tastier and have excellent price and quality.

Address: Tuzcular, Paşa Cami Sk. No: 12, 07100 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


Vicino Pizzeria Restaurant


After eating, it is time for two magnificent principles in travel: shopping malls and the other is the tourist attractions in the destination city. These are the two main reasons people travel, so we want to continue to point out some of the popular attractions in this city that you can visit on the first day. Of course, we have to say that you can not want to go shopping or sightseeing because you do not enjoy your shopping or the sightseeing you do, so choose one of these according to the goal you have for the first day of your trip.



Shopping malls in Antalya


Ozdilek Park Antalya AVM (Shopping Center)

In Ozdilek shopping center, you can prepare everything you want to buy. Ozdilek Shopping Center is located in the center of Antalya and opened in August 2009. There is a large mall with 100 shops, 20 restaurants, a hypermarket, a technology store, cafes, a bowling alley, seven cinemas, a children’s playground. An indoor car park for 1,100 cars and an open car park with space for 300 vehicles are available. That allows you to put the car in it and make your purchase. This shopping center is one of Antalya’s best shopping centers, and you can buy branded and quality goods from this center.

Address: Fabrikalar, Namık Kemal Blv. No: 9, 07090 Kepez / Antalya, Turkey


Ozlik Park


Deepo Outlet Center (Shopping Center)

Antalya Depot Shopping Center has 15 restaurants, cafeterias, 90 shops, and five cinemas that provide visitors’ services almost all days of the year. According to a 2013 survey of visitors, 90% of people were satisfied with the conditions of the Antalya Depot Shopping Center. Also, the rates announced by the shopkeepers. One of the best advantages of Deepo Antalya Shopping Center is that for the convenience of customers from different parts of Antalya to the shopping center, a free round trip device is available which serves at certain hours and according to the schedule.

Address: Altınova Sinan, Serik Cd. Yanyolu, 07170 Kepez / Antalya, Turkey


Deepo Outlet center

MarkAntalya (Shopping Center)

This shopping center is the newest in Antalya. There are 155 shops in this shopping center and several restaurants, and a large parking lot with 3,000 cars. This building’s architecture is modern, and all kinds of famous Turkish and non-Turkish brands such as Mango, Ketone, Mavi, Apple Fine Nine West, and have branches in this shopping center. If you go to this shopping center to buy clothes, be sure that you will not be left empty-handed. You can find the right item for every budget and taste.


Mark Antalya shopping center


Address: Elmalı, mparampol Cd. No: 65, 07040 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


 Shemall Alışveriş

 Merkezi (Shopping Center)


One of Turkey’s most convenient shopping malls is Shi Mall, located at the corner of the crossroads that divides Antalya Lara Beach into four parts. This shopping center is the first and largest shopping and fashion center in Antalya. Besides shopping in this complex, you can find other amenities and entertainment facilities such as restaurants, cinema, theater, children’s entertainment center, gym, cafeteria, and facilities. Use other amenities and entertainment.

Address: Turkey – Antalya

Of course, you should keep in mind that all of these shopping malls will definitely not reach you in one go, so choose a few of them according to your needs and get ready to shop.



Shmall antalya



Antalya Archaeological Museum

One of Antalya’s largest sightseeing museums is the Archaeological Museum, which has 13 exhibition halls and an open gallery. This museum, which has  ​​about 7,000 square meters and houses about 5,000 works of art, is one of the city’s top museums. At the Antalya Archaeological Museum, you can see hand-made objects from the Paleolithic to the Ottoman period. The existence of these works reflects the ancient history of this region.

Address: Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Konyaaltı Cd. No: 88, 07050 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey


Antalya museum

Lara Beach

One of the attractions of Antalya is Lara beach. Lara Beach, one of Antalya’s most popular beaches, is located in the east of the city, and most of the city’s hotels are in the same area.

Address: Antalya, Turkey / Güzeloba, Lara Cd. No: 492, 07230 Muratpaşa / Antalya


Lara beach



 The ancient area of ​​Aspendos

Aspendos’s ancient city is built on two small hills and was once a commercial and religious city. In the past, the horse trade and various decorative items were common in this area. The artifacts found from this place have two categories: the remains of the upper city and the lower city’s remains. The lower city’s remnants include the theater, baths, aqueducts and temples, stadiums, cemeteries, and the upper town’s remnants, including the main square, the city council center, and the main church hall. This city is one of the most spectacular and popular attractions of Antalya.


Address: Serik, Antalya Province, Turkey

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