Couple Adventure


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This holiday type is designed for couples who want to have special moments in Dubai. Travel is entirely tailor-made by you, but we arrange whatever you need from a private boat to helicopter ride. Duration of this tour is 4 days


Let's start designing your Travel! 


Dubai Skydiving

with friends or girlfriend, it does not matter. 'The Palm Dropzone offers visitors truly unique experiences. Skydive from 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah is an incredible experience and should be on everyone's Dubai to-do list. Experienced skydivers can also avail of coaching, a full-service rigging loft, and freeload organizing.


The Helicopter tour

Visit Dubai from above! This is one of the best romantic experiences of your life. All skyscrapers below you, and you are next to your partner. You can book it from 12 minutes ride till 2 hours. You can see all the iconic structures like Burj Khalifa or palm in this unforgettable experience.

The Seaplane Flight for the couples

This is almost fun to enjoy a bird's eye view of Dubai's outstanding buildings. The experience of take-off and landing on the sea is an experience that might not everyone has in his life.  Elcid Tour manages this tour, and it lasts 20 minutes.


The date on the Yacht

Some moments are stunning and mesmerize people. The date on a yacht would be one of these activities. We can manage a romantic time with a professional crew on the Yacht. You have a table, relaxing and enjoying the date.


Discover Bollywood park

This fun activity has worth to do! Exclusively devoted to Bollywood, it is a fantastic park to feel every emotion in the Bollywood style. The park is divided into 5 themed areas.  Mumbai Chowk, Bollywood Film Studios, Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, and Royal Plaza. You can enjoy some impressive shows and performances with your partner.


The Arabian horse riding

Arabian horses are famous in the world. Why not trying to ride them under the moonlight of the Arabian desert? You can ride a horse and see the sunset with your partner and enjoying till the moon.


The Hot air balloon ride

It is needless to say how much balloon riding is romantic! Therefore, Dubai offers this experience, as well. Who does not like balloon riding in Dubai? A stunning 360-degree view of the city and its nature beyond.


The Spa Date

The Spa Date at Talise Ottoman is one of the luxurious experiences. Elcid tour can manage Couple Spa in any Spa centers in Dubai. We can provide you the best offers and prices in advance.


(e.g. budget, duration, number of passengers or any specific requests.)

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