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As a growing industry in recent years, medical tourism in Iran attracts many people and tourists to this country. Iran has a long history in the field of medical science. Skilled Iranian doctors have been famous worldwide since the past, and their theories and achievements are taught in prestigious universities around the world. Iran medical tourism reviews show that many people prefer Iran for their medical treats. Well, they are not wrong. As a medical health tourism destination, Iran has many advantages rather than other countries that make it the first choice for medical services in the region.


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Why medical tourism in Iran?

Iran has been one of the most important centers of medical science for a long time ago. So that among the traditional old medical schools globally, none has been as comprehensive and complete as the Iranian traditional medical schools.

And till now, actually, nothing has changed. Iran still is one of the main hubs in this field. Iran has qualified hospitals and medical centers, skilled doctors, and a team of experienced and trained personnel who have a high reputation and credibility in the region.

Iran has about 190 licensed hospitals to operate in international health services for medical health tourism and provide quality medical services for people worldwide. Undoubtedly, there are fewer countries in the region and the world with such capacities and competitive advantages.

elcidtour medical tourismIran is one of the few countries with the best hospitals and medical service centers and quality medical facilities that are rare in the region and the world. However, in marketing and advertising, it has not. As a result, many patients from neighboring countries travel to Iran for medical treatments at a much lower cost than their country.

In addition to these features, Iran is a country with vast diversity in every aspect. Climatic diversity (the country is known as the four-season land), variety of natural attractions, historical and cultural monuments, different ethnicities and communities, and land with a large geographical area where you can experience 4 seasons at a time in this country.

Advantages of Medical tourism in Iran

Due to this high diversity, Iran is becoming very famous in the world. Iran also has deep and long historical and cultural backgrounds and roots. It is one of the three regions from which human civilization has emerged.

Contrary to misconceptions and some media activities that try to create an insecure image of Iran, Iran is a very safe and healthy country with kind and hospitable people. And now, it becomes one of the medical health tourism hubs in Iran. You only need to read Iran medical tourism reviews to find out all the patients who traveled to Iran satisfy the services.

Advantages of Medical tourism in Iran

As we mentioned above, medical tourism in Iran has many features, so many tourists make Iran a priority for medical health tourism. The existence of more benefits and features in a country encourages tourists to choose it for medical tourism. It makes a better Iran medical tour review. We will list the reasons why everyone will refer to the characteristics of medical tourism in Iran.

What Medical tourism in Iran

Keep in mind that having all the necessary conditions, like Iran medical tourism cost, skilled doctors, and exciting attractions, effectively attracts more medical tourists.

Iran medical tourism cost

One of the most important and best medical tourism benefits in Iran is related to the Iran medical tourism cost. Iran’s currency is much lower than in other currencies in the world. You only need to compare it with your country’s currency to find it out. So, as healthcare and medical costs increase globally, you can experience the low cost of medical treatment and services compared to other countries, which is very impressive.


benefit of Medical tourism in IranMost countries, mainly European countries and the United States require high costs in providing health care, so not everyone can afford it. Iran’s medical tourism cost is also very competitive compared to its regional rivals, including Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Southeast Asian countries. Of course, you may think that India has the lowest prices among states in health care and medical surgeries. Still, Iran has a lower quality of medical services. Because of culture and tourist attractions, Iran is much more powerful than India. So besides the Iran medical tourism cost, you will receive high-quality medical services in Iran.


cost of medical tourism in iran

Skilled and experienced doctors

Medical science in Iran belongs to thousands of years ago, and this is known worldwide. Iran is in a high position in medical science and experienced professional doctors, which is well known and indisputable. As you know, doctors’ and surgeons’ skills and experience in medical tourism in Iran and other countries are critical, so this feature cannot be ignored. Iranian doctors’ popularity in the region and qualified medical facilities is another main reason why Iran, besides the Iran medical tourism cost, is considered a medical health tourism destination.

Modern health centers and hospitalsModern health centers and hospitals

As we said, due to having high standards in medical services, medical tourism in Iran has become popular in the world. Iran’s healthcare system, including hospitals and clinics, has high equipment and technologies that can provide the best services without waiting in Iran’s health tourism.

High-Quality postoperative care iran

High-Quality postoperative care

Nursing services in Iran are also highly qualified. Also, Medical tourism in Iran is consistently supported by extensive medical research. Iran has a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, fantastic scenery, magnificent historical and cultural monuments, cutting technology, advanced medical equipment, and a powerful pharmaceutical market system.

iran medical tourismIn addition to some general factors that motivate all international medical tourists (including price, distance, lack of expertise, and tourist attractions), there are other essential factors in medical tourism in Iran. Providing medical services based on religious belief (cultural and social familiarity) is one of the main elements. Another factor, which affects destination choice explicitly for infertile couples, is “qualified infertility treatment” which, couples can find it in Iran, unlike other countries in the region.

What are the types of medical tourism in Iran?

Medical tourism in Iran includes 3 sections: medical and cosmetic treatments in Iran, nature therapy tourism in Iran and health tourism in Iran. In the following, we will talk about the types of medical tourism in Iran.

Medical and cosmetic treatments in Iran

Medical and cosmetic treatments in Iran

The most common and also the most important type of medical tourism in Iran is medical and cosmetic treatments. This type of medical health tourism is usually done to treat illness or medical and cosmetic surgery and deals directly with people’s lives and health, so it is susceptible. Medical and cosmetic treatment is entirely different from recreational tourism. In addition to facilities and costs, it also requires expertise and skills.


Nature therapy tourism in IranThe presence of skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons, medical equipment, subspecialty hospitals and medical science is necessary to prepare the medical infrastructure to accept tourists who travel to a country as a medical health tourism destination.

Nature therapy tourism in Iran

Another type of medical tourism in Iran can be called nature therapy tourism. This type of medical health tourism, as its name implies, is a trip in which natural resources and medical services treat a person under the supervision of a doctor. Some of the essential resources and services related to nature tourism include hot springs, salt lakes, herbal baths, medical massages, and medical sludge.

medical iran tourismDespite having very natural phenomena and nature in Iran, this type of medical tourism in Iran is highly regarded and has a special place. The growth of medicinal plants and the existence of a four-season and extraordinary climate of Iran have made our country one of the world’s natural health tourism hubs.

The presence of hot springs in different cities of Iran is significant for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, migraine and sinusitis, and its clean climate and beautiful environment to improve respiratory, rheumatology, skin and muscle diseases or to spend time. It is beneficial in the postoperative period and illness.

iran medical nature

It is not bad to know that at present, in addition to nature treatment resources, Iran also provides welfare and accommodation facilities for medical tourists for the health and well-being of medical tourists, so that tourists can treat their illness with peace of mind by renting accommodation before the trip.

There is a lot of evidence and traces of the importance of mineral and warm waters for Iranians. In particular, Avicenna’s categories, which divide these areas into spiritual sanatoriums, healing springs and hot springs, and examines the use of each class, show the scientific importance of such regions to Iranians.


why medical tourism iran

Over time, Medical health tourism based on mineral water has gained so much meaning that natural features such as healthy air are also considered nature therapy tourism. Over time, the concept of medical tourism in Iran went beyond this. It included patients traveling to receive a variety of medical services. The recent subject (patients traveling to receive medical services) is new compared to other medical tourism types in Iran. Between all of them, you can find these in Iran:


Mineral springs are used to treat many ailments, including rheumatism, joint pain, and migraines. Many people travel to and enjoy hot springs around the world to treat their illness. In this regard, Iran has many mineral springs and has a high absorption potential in medical tourism in Iran.

Salt therapy

Recently, salt therapy has been considered a natural remedy for some ailments that tourists welcome all over the world. There are several salt mountains in Iran, so salt therapy has become one of our country’s medical health tourism hubs. Iran medical tourism shows that many tourists are interested in this kind of trap in Iran.


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Sludge therapy

Another important attraction in medical tourism in Iran can be considered sludge therapy. The shores of Lake Urmia and the slopes of Taftan Mountain are two examples of these attractions that have made Iran attract medical tourists in this area with the best Iran medical tourism cost.

Health tourism in Iran

This type of medical tourism in Iran is mostly for people who need peace of mind or have mental health problems. In medical health tourism tours, the tourist seeks relaxation and relief from everyday life stresses and tends to stay away from any noise and crowds. This type of medical tourism in Iran does not require a doctor or medical equipment. The tourist tries to spend time polishing his soul in pristine and relaxing nature.

Mineral springs, hotels, mountain villas, forest, beach or desert, are the best places for tourists to spend their leisure time and are a unique and suitable choice. Fortunately, Iran has entered this field very powerfully. It has many attractive and relaxing areas in different parts of the country. According to his taste and interest in wet or dry areas, the tourist can choose the best place by Iran medical tourism reviews to reach comfort by traveling to Iran.


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What are the most famous medical and cosmetic surgeries in Iran?

Many diseases are treated in medical tourism in Iran; Iran is also the hub of cosmetic surgeries, especially the nose job.

Plastic surgeries in iran

Between all the surgeries and treatments you can find in medical tourism in Iran, based on Iran medical tourism reviews, these are the most famous ones that you can see with the best Iran medical tourism cost in Iran:

  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Hair Transplant
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cardiology
  • Eyecare
  • Fertility
  • Cancer and…


Our comprehensive aims in the field of medical tourism:


  • Introducing the existing capacities and potentials in all fields of tourism and health tourism to domestic and foreign customers
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  • Introducing Iranian specialized medical centers to other countries
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