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how to travel turkey on a budget

Travel is a significant pastime for weekends or new year holidays and summer. Children love to travel, and traveling is a good excuse for parents and adults to forget about work and mental distractions and relieve daily fatigue. Turkey, in particular, as one of the most visited tourist areas with thousands of tourist attractions, is an ideal and extraordinary destination for fun and holidays.

How to have a good and cheap trip?

Due to high costs and skyrocketing costs, Many families abandon to travel. While according to some simple points, it is possible. However, with a minimum budget, you can have a cheap and good trip with a tour family, and at the same time had a dream vacation.

Follow us to get acquainted with some simple tips and tricks for low-cost travel in Turkey.


Take advantage of last-minute benefits


traveling in a budget


Make the most of the last-minute services to make your trip affordable and low cost. An empty hotel room that is empty tonight or an airplane seat that flies tonight would be a great choice. It is true when you want to travel with agencies, leisure tours, and hotels.

One of the worst things that can happen to you is that you get your ticket too soon, and the reduced prices shock you at the last minute!


Travel on more secluded days


Hotel on a budget in turkey


Without any introduction, we must first say that the best time for a low-cost trip to Turkey starts in late autumn and lasts until mid-winter. Also, mid-spring is an ideal time for a low-cost trip to Turkey.

Travel time is one of the most significant travel expenses because most people who travel are looking for the best travel time to the destination city. You may not care about the cost, but for those who are a priority. It can well play a significant role in their journey, also The best time to go to Turkey in spring and autumn. The cost of hotel accommodation is low drastically this season, and you can pay the same as you paid for a 3-star hotel in the spring and fall for a 5-star hotel.


Compare prices before buying a ticket


If you plan to travel by plane, be sure to refer to different sites before buying tickets and compare the price list according to the services they offer. For a low-cost trip, you can skip some additional favor services to buy cheaper tickets.



Use promotional messages


travel to turkey on the budget

If you want to plan a vacation for the next month, try to register on travel tours and get the latest prices. These institutions usually offer their great offers via email to applicants. Listen to the alarm!




Eat cheaper

Food and snacks, which are considered the most expensive after accommodation, are among the most significant travel necessities. You can eat tasty food in Turkey but at a low cost! All you have to do is ask the locals where the cheap restaurants in the city are? And they will introduce them to you. Besides, we will mention some cheap restaurants in Istanbul.

The best Turkish dishes and local sweets include Turkish kebabs and Turkish baklava, jam, lentil soup, burqa, manti, and other delicious sweets.

low-cost food in Istanbul


Hossein Kufteh Restaurant

In this restaurant, you can only taste Turkish meatballs for lunch and dinner. This restaurant is open every day from 11:30 to 6.

Address: Taksim Mah. Istiklal Cad. Kurabiye Sok. No: ۱۴ Beyoglu | Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey


Sinas Galata Restaurant

Another popular restaurant in this city that you can reduce your costs is Sinas Galata Restaurant. This restaurant is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm. You can taste a variety of local, Turkish and vegetarian dishes.

Address: Sahkulu Mahallesi, Galip Dede Caddesi, Yoruk Cikmazi, No: 1B, Istanbul 34421, Turkey


Bring the necessary supplies


The less you need to buy during the trip, the better whenever you should have all of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.


necessary items to travel low-cost in turkey


Use the benefits of a smartphone


In the age of technology, smartphones can play a significant role in saving travel costs. Install all travel-related programs, including travel guides, maps, and the best possible routes to famous places, on your mobile phone so that you do not have to try several different ways to get to a specific destination during your trip. Waste your money.


Nearby places also have their attractions


Turkey is full of tourist attractions. You can find many natural or unnatural tourist attractions in any geographical area where you live. You do not have to travel long distances to have fun with your friends or family, and you do not have to pay a lot for transportation. Also, by choosing wisely for your accommodation, you can drastically reduce transportation costs.


  • Enjoy nature

During your travels to other cities, try to spend a lot of time in the heart of nature, including forests, mountains, and the beaches. Natural sightseeing won’t be boring for both children and adults, and children are more active. Be sure to bring the necessary equipment to stay in nature. Going sightseeing is always cheap or even free.


  • Use the special free features on some days


There are many exciting festivals and events throughout Turkey in different seasons, some of which are free. You can have fun and have fun for free. For example, do not forget that visiting museums in Istanbul are free on certain days of the week, enjoy free entertainment in Istanbul, Turkey.

Several free entertainments in Istanbul!

Modern Museum of Istanbul, Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Turkish Museum of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Painting and Sculpture

Istanbul’s Museum, Pera Museum

Salt Galata Istanbul, Salt Galata

Istanbul Art Gallery on Esteghlal Street, Art Galleries on Istiklal Street

Sightseeing in Istanbul, Balat

Zirak Mosque in Istanbul, Zeyrek Mosque



Do not go to the 5-star hotel!

do not go to 5 star hotel


One of the most important things during the trip is the accommodation issue! Suppose you want to have an affordable stay. In that case, you should check out the excellent facilities and clean and ironed rooms of the hotels and stay in the conditions that most guesthouses or 3-star hotels have. You can even partner with someone and share the cost of accommodation with him. If you travel with a group, this issue is less complicated to solve.

Another way to get a cheap stay in Turkey is to book your hotel much earlier. To book a hotel, carefully check the online booking sites. These sites sometimes offer significant discounts for their visitors. If you will stay in Istanbul for a long time, for example, a month, the apartment rent is cheaper. Also, if you do not have a problem with the hotel’s distance to the city center, the farther the hotel is from your city center, the less you can pay for hotel reservations. Here are some examples of cheap hotels in Istanbul:


2-star hotel Bunk Taksim: This hotel, which is more like a guest house, offers facilities such as the internet, a restaurant, and rooms with a bathroom and internet and bed. As you can see, this hotel is 2-stars and expecting facilities such as a 4 to the 5-star hotel is far from logical.

Address: Inonu Mahallesi, Papa Roncalli Sokak 34, Sisli, 34373 Istanbul

City loft 36 Suites: Another hotel with the same facilities as the previous hotel is City Luft 36 Suites. This hotel has facilities such as parking, TV-bathroom-refrigerator-shower-bed for rooms, internet, and restaurant.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi, 6, Ali Ay Sk., 34735 Ataşehir / ,stanbul, Turkey


Significant reduction in costs with Istanbul Card


Be sure to get a card to visit the sights and use public transportation in this city of Istanbul. Buy these cards at kiosks all over Istanbul. You can charge your card at the entrance of the metro station or the airport and go to the other side of the city at a low cost. The cost of a one-way ticket in Istanbul is twice the tour’s cost with an Istanbul card.


Istanbul card in Turkey


Besides the features that this card provides to visitors, include:

Free internet in Istanbul

Online Guide

  • Free transportation from the airport to the accommodation
  • Free entertainment experience defined for the card
  • Free shipping or with special city-wide discounts
  • Free visits to the attractions and museums for the card



Renting a car is also a good plan


If you have more than one family and need to travel with two cars, renting a slightly larger car instead of using two can positively reduce costs. That will save on ancillary prices such as parking, petrol, and gas, etc.


Avoid extra purchases

Many of us believe that we should buy gifts and souvenirs for children, families, and people who are waiting for us after the trip during the trip. But these seemingly minor purchases will harm overall travel costs.

Note that the travel experience itself is a gift for children, and there is no need to buy more gifts. If you want to buy souvenirs, try to buy small quantities of decorative items and food specific to the same city.

To buy, try to go to outlet stores. You may be wondering, what are outlet stores? Outlets are auctions where you can purchase the items you need at the lowest price range. Here are some outlets in Istanbul that you can use to buy your supplies and souvenirs.

  • Outlet Viaport


Address: Yenişehir Mah., Dedepaşa Cad. No: 19, 34912 Pendik / ,stanbul, Turkey

  • ‌ Outlet Fax City

Address: Köyaltı Mevkii Merkez Mahallesi, Değirmenbahçe Cd. No: 34, 34197 Yenibosna / Bahçelievler / ,stanbul, Turkey

  • ‌ Outlet Asia

Address: Necip Fazıl, 34773 ranmraniye, Turkey, Istanbul

  • ‌ Outlet Airport

Address: Ataköy 7-8-9-10, E-5 Karayolu, 34149 Bahçelievler / Bakırköy




If you use the hotel

If you are planning to book a hotel room, be sure to note that on busy days the prices may increase significantly, as well as pay attention to the free services provided, such as “Rent two nights + one night” “Free” or “Free hot water service,” “Free breakfast” and so on.



info about low cost travel to Turkey


Get more information about your destinations.


Travel to major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir may not require more information. But if you are traveling to unfamiliar cities, be sure to search in advance about its tourist attractions and attractions, and as much as possible about Getting directions, names, and city maps. That can reduce confusion and costs.

Most of the travel expenses people incur are since they do not know exactly where they want to go!


Small but important things to keep in mind when traveling:


  • If you or a family member has a specific illness, be sure to bring the necessary medications and supplies, including a blood pressure monitor, blood sugar test, nausea pills, and so on.
  • Before traveling, be sure to visit the reputable sites to be informed of the routes and destinations’ weather conditions in the next few days.
  • If you are traveling with a child, bring essentials from cold water to blankets and bedding and baby supplies so that you do not have to buy them in stores along the way.
  • Do not forget credit cards and travel insurance.
  • Save on intra-city transportation costs as much as possible and use intercity buses.

Consider camping as a great and free way for short stays.

  • If you are traveling with several families, be sure to talk about sharing travel expenses.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Are there cheap hotels in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations, includes a wide range of hotels and accommodations. So you can find the ideal accommodation for any budget.


  • Are there any cheap restaurants in Turkey?

Turkey is known as a paradise for food lovers. Therefore, you can experience a wide range of restaurants in Turkey that are suitable for any budget.


  • Is public transport reliable in Turkey?

Turkey has an efficient and reliable transportation system. The movement of city buses and subways is always on rigorous planning. So for intra-city transportation in Turkey, you can count on the Turkish public transportation system.


  • Can you find cheap stores in Turkey?

You can find shopping malls in Turkey that have special discounts almost all year round. Of course, the best thing about shopping in Turkey is to be patient, search, and compare so that you can have an ideal purchase and not waste your money.



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