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ISTANBUL Essentials in 3 Days

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Description: If you want to travel to Istanbul on a short trip or you have a business trip to Istanbul, this package is just for you. Maybe you have a plan to enjoy a weekend outside your comfort zone. Istanbul essentials in 3 days mean you travel to Istanbul, and you visit the essential sightseeing there. If you come for a business trip or have another idea in your mind, do not worry, we can tailor-made your trip based on what you want and the most popular Turkey Itinerary.

You can choose from different spots in Istanbul; Historical sightseeing itinerary, shopping, and nightlife plan, romantic escapes, and art Itinerary.

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Galata Tower

You can have a view of Old Istanbul from Galata tower. This tower has been built for centuries, and you should certainly visit the Galata Tower. It has nine floors, and the height is around 67 meters. There is also a restaurant on the top of the Galata Tower. You can eat while enjoying the 360 ° Istanbul view.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar Istanbul is the biggest covered bazaar in the world. It has 65 streets and 3600 shops with 11 gates. Unique design objects produced by hand, gold, silver, and diamonds sold here. Bazaar gold prices will determine Turkey’s gold prices in the free market.

Suleymaniye Mosque

The most dramatic and vital structure of the Ottoman period is the Suleymaniye Mosque. Since there was no electricity at the time of construction, it was illuminated with 275 oil lamps and candles placed next to the altar. The architect had been built a room above the middle door to avoid damaging the structure of the soot mosque coming out of these oil lamps and candles. The architect created a collection room for this soot. The soot collected here used as ink. Suleymaniye, which is now open to worship, is vital to wear a suit suitable for worship.

Bagdat street

14,000-meter street is not only for shopping but also for drinking, sightseeing, and social activities. There are luxury shops there, and there are mansions where people still live, so this street is unique. Presence Mystery Shopping, a Parisian consultancy, has recognized the best streets for shopping around the world. In the list, Bagdat Street, which left Paris’s Champs-Elyse and New York’s 5th Avenue streets, won the 4th place. Being the 4th in a file that categorizes the 30 famous streets of the world by categories such as service concept, cleanliness, shopping friendliness and variety offered, adds quality to Bagdat Street and announces its class to the whole world.

Nisantasi District

One of the most fashionable districts of Istanbul is Nisantasi, with its bars and cafes and trendy shops. This place is one of the most popular sites in Istanbul with street decorations, especially in the new year. Sultans at the time of the Ottoman Empire practiced firing on the stones specially produced for them. This is where the drills are done. These stones were called aim stones. You can see some of these stones in various parts of the neighborhood.

Taksim Square

It is possible to meet all kinds of people with different nationalities in Taksim. During the daytime, everyone rushes for their work, but it turns to an open night club at night. The length of the street is about 1.4 km from Republic Monument on Taksim Square up to Tunnel. Here you can find every kind of shop, from luxury shops to passages that sell lower-cost products. In addition to shopping, you can also go to art centers and take a look at the exhibitions there. If you are hungry, you can have an enjoyable meal and drink in the restaurants. It is good to drink Raki as well and fish after shopping, strongly recommended.


There are pubs in Beyoğlu where you can sit until after midnight. If you go to these pubs, do not make any other plans after eating here, because you won’t understand how time passes. In the pubs in and around Nevizade and Çiçek Pasajı, delicious food, sweet drinks, and a lot of fun are waiting for you.


Karakoy is famous for people who like to eat and drink in a quiet, calm environment. There are many restaurants in the sea there. If the exuberant, energetic dinners of Beyoğlu are exhausting, you can enjoy a serene, peaceful raki-fish in Karaköy.

Bosphorus Tour

Tea and bagels are crucial traditions of the Bosphorus tour. Even if the weather cold, you can go up to the deck and enjoy the pleasure there. You can relax there and enjoy the tea. This is one of the romantic moments of the Bosphorus tour.

Akbank Sanat

Change is never exhausted at Akbank Sanat because its mission is; The Place Has Never Ended. The Akbank art building that has six floors has located on Istiklal St. on each floor, another event is held, and every year, more than 700 events are held. Various activities, such as exhibitions, modern dance performances, classical music recitals, jazz concerts organized every year.

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern founded in 2004, and it is the first modern art museum in Turkey, and it has aimed to share comparative art, artistic creativity, and cultural identities. The museum has collections and periodical exhibition halls, a photography department, video space, library, and it is one of the most famous museums in Istanbul.


Arter is also protecting contemporary art with its collection since 2007. The structure has a total area of ​​18,000 square meters. It has exhibition halls, performance halls, activity spaces, a library, a conservation laboratory, a bookstore focusing on art publications, and a restaurant. You have the chance to follow approaches outside the reasonable bounds as well as international collections dealing strictly with the artistic and cultural creation in Turkey and the surrounding regions.

Included: 4 Stars hotels, and you can upgrade your hotel to 5 Stars as well. The city tour and transportations are also included. All journeys have tour guides who speak European languages. Flights are not included.

The additional services upon your request are available, and you can tailor-make your journey to Istanbul.

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