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ISTANBUL in 3 Days

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Description: If you want to travel to Istanbul on a short trip or you have a business trip to Istanbul, this package is just for you. Maybe you have a plan to enjoy a weekend outside your comfort zone. Istanbul essentials in 3 days mean you travel to Istanbul, and you visit the essential sightseeing there.

If you come for a business trip or have another idea in your mind, do not worry, we can tailor-made your trip based on what you want and the most popular Turkey Itinerary.

You can choose from different spots in Istanbul; Historical sightseeing itinerary, shopping, and nightlife plan, romantic escapes, and art Itinerary all in Istanbul in 3 days.

Included: 4 Stars hotels, and you can upgrade your hotel to 5 Stars as well. The city tour and transportations are also included. All journeys have tour guides who speak European languages. Flights are not included.

The additional services upon your request are available, and you can tailor-make your journey to Istanbul.



If you plan to travel to Turkey and visit Istanbul in 3 days, having an itinerary is essential. Istanbul has so many different historical and entertainment attractions and shopping malls that it is tough to visit and enjoy them in a few days. That’s why you need to have a detailed travel plan to Istanbul to know places to see in Istanbul in 3 days.


We can’t expect a person who takes a Turkey tour and want to visit Istanbul, only satisfies visiting a mosque or taking a boat ride only in the Bosporus.

So, if you want to travel to Istanbul and do not know how to plan for it to get the most out of your trip, here, you can find a plan to visit Istanbul in 3 days.



Places to see in Istanbul in 3 days


Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a magnificent and inspiring architectural work in Istanbul. It was first built as an Orthodox church and then converted to a mosque. Architectures used a combination of architectural elements and the religion of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires in it. Hagia Sophia was built between 532 and 537 AD and was the largest cathedral of its time.





Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is massive in Istanbul, built-in 1616, and is the city’s grandest mosque. Sultan Ahmad ordered to build this mosque, and his goal was to create a more luxurious mosque than Suleymaniye and Hagia Sophia. To show Islam’s superiority over Christianity, he made a large mosque directly opposite the Hagia Sophia (former Byzantine church).


This is an essential place to visit in Istanbul in 3 days.







Eminonu neighborhood is located in the south of the Golden Horn and is the oldest part of Istanbul. The expansion of the city has started in this area. This neighborhood was a significant transportation center during the Byzantine era and is home to some of Istanbul’s most famous attractions, such as the Pepper Bazaar, the New Mosque, and the Rustam Pasha Mosque.




Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

Istanbul Grand Bazaar is the oldest bazaar globally and one of the world’s largest buildings. After the conquest of Constantinople, Sultan Ahmad II built this bazaar as a commercial center of the Ottoman Empire. This market started operating in 1461. You can find traditional stores of leather, pepper, pottery, carpets, antiques, and jewelry in this bazaar. Also, many stores now sell souvenirs. Apart from shops, this bazaar has two mosques, two Turkish baths, water storage, a multi-purpose restaurant, and a cafe.



Topkapi Palace


Topkapi Palace has been the residence of Ottoman sultans for 400 years. Mehmet II, after the conquest of Constantinople between 1459 and 1465, built this palace. Topkapi was the Ottoman sultans’ palace until 1853 when Sultan Abdul Majid I took the court to Dolmabahçe Palace.

The design of this palace has been influenced by the temporary residences of the Ottoman nomads. It is located in the strategic area of ​​Saraiburno and has a good view of the Bosporus.

This is an essential place to visit in Istanbul in 3 days.






Taksim square

Taksim square is the main square is the new district of Istanbul and is located at the eastern end of Istiklal Street. The best hotels in Istanbul are located around this area. Taksim Square is one of the nostalgic terminals of the Istanbul train. Its final station is called the Tunnel, and it is the second oldest metro station in Europe, built-in 1875.





About Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Street is one of the best shopping streets in the new area of ​​Istanbul. More than 3 million people visit this street daily. It is full of people who have come to shop during the day, and at night it is the nightlife center of the city.




Galata tower

Galata is a 62-meter medieval stone tower with a conical top and the best 360-degree view of Istanbul.

The Genoese built this tower in 1348 and named it “Christea Turris,” meaning the tower of Christ. The tower was part of the fortifications around Galata Military Fortress.





Dolmabahçe Palace


Dolmabahçe Palace was one of the most luxurious palaces globally and the largest castle in Turkey. The royal residence of the last six kings of the Ottoman Empire. Because the Topkapi Royal Palace did not have the luxuries and decorations of the day, Abdolmajid I built this palace in 1843 and moved the court’s residence there.

The design of this palace is influenced by European architecture. European style (Baroque, Rocco, and neoclassicism) is combined with traditional Turkish architecture and lifestyle. The palace’s construction cost 5 million Ottoman gold coins (equivalent to 35 tons of gold). Fourteen tons of gold have been used for gilding the roof.




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