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Is It Safe To Get a Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Hair Transplant is one of the most popular surgeries among beauty surgeries. Hair plays a significant role in facial beauty, and many people decide to transplant hair after losing their hair. It is one of the safest methods for solving this problem. Hair transplant is possible in many countries, but among all those options, Turkey takes the lead. This popularity for Turkey is not only about hair transplant; it is also about other kinds of beauty surgeries. Why is that? Is it safe to get a hair transplant in turkey? What kind of services can you access if you want to do it in Turkey? These are the questions we are going to answer in this article.

The safety of hair transplant in Turkey has two factors: first of all, it is about the surgery; the second is about the place you will do the transplant. It is stressful when you decide or need to do surgery, especially when you have to travel for it, but to everyone’s surprise, this type of surgery is different. Hair transplant is safe itself; by safe, we mean the side effects are usually under control, and nothing terrible will happen to you after this simple surgery. However, it is crucial to do it perfectly, which is possible in turkey.

Furthermore, the safety of Turkey is something to consider, and we will give you some information.

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Is It Safe To Get a Hair Transplant In Turkey?


Safety in Turkey

Is Turkey safe? In one word: Yes! So is there any problem waiting for you in Turkey? No! Absolutely, no! Turkey is one of the safest places in the world. To have an idea, despite all the safety problems occurring in every corner of the world these years, Turkey has not struggled with any security threats since 2016. Another reason for this country’s safety is the massive number of tourists who aim to visit Turkey every year. They all have submitted their positive reviews about the situation of this country on social networks and websites. Should we repeat? Turkey is super safe!

Why Turkey?

As we mentioned before, getting a hair transplant is possible everywhere in the world. So the question is: why turkey? That is a good question, and the answer is a complicated one. Due to this country’s strategic location, many facilities can be found in Turkey with the best prices and high quality. Turkey is partly Asian, partly European, which makes this part of the land a great place for many things. One of them is hair transplanting. Famous doctors, equipped clinics, luxurious accommodation services, and reasonable prices have made Turkey a favorite place for these surgical treatments.


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Is the payment safe?

All the payments for your surgery costs and the money you should pay for the clinic are done under the law. There are many authentic clinics in Turkey, and especially in Istanbul. After making an appointment with your doctor, further agreements should be done with the clinic, making it a legal contract with a reliable payment method.

The prices of hair transplantation in Turkey is another Important reason for calling Turkey the best place in the world for getting a hair transplant. It varies from one clinic to another, but the average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is about USD 600 to USD 2000. That’s a surprising price for this surgery as the average cost in other countries in Europe and the USA would be about USD 4,000 to USD 16,000. Of course, the exact numbers can be determined after you talk with your doctor and the clinic you will do it.

Are hotels safe for getting a hair transplant?

When we talk about accommodation in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is Turkish hotels’ fabulous services to travelers. Every year, Turkey hosts thousands of tourists worldwide and provides them with all-inclusive luxury hotels alongside a variety of services that bring absolute comfort for every type of traveler. These luxury hotels are ready to host you during your hair transplant procedure, and there is no need to be worried about it. Undoubtedly, safety is their priority, precisely what a tourist needs while staying in a place.

Are hotels safe while the Covid-19 pandemic?

The covid-19 pandemic caused a massive decline in every business globally, and many industries decided to continue this way with the newest methods they could ever practice. Tourism in Turkey has faced this problem too, and there are many hotels in which the rules are respected, and everything is ready for social distancing to be safe. If your country or Turkey has not banned traveling, you can easefully do whatever you need to do for your medical travel to Turkey. Before everything, you need to check the city’s situation. You are going to get a hair transplant there and review all social distancing principles.

Another thing about Turkish hotels is that it is essential to stay calm and relaxed when you want surgery. The most critical factor for calmness during the trip is related to the place you stay at. Hopefully, the Turkish hotels benefit from the best facilities and measurements to make you sure about your feelings during your stay. This is a great news piece for those who aim to travel to Turkey to get a hair transplant and want to use these services before and after their surgery.

Are the doctors safe?

Getting a hair transplant in another country seems to be a thing to do! It brings anxieties to you and can ruin your mood and experience. And what about doctors in Turkey? Are they safe enough to try this with them? Of course, Yes! Fortunately, there are many highly skilled doctors around the city. Also, the authentic clinics, in which you can easily do your transplant, can make you feel safe and healthy. This safety is about everything, not only about your health but also the quality of doctors’ jobs and all the contract issues.

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