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Nomads in Iran are one of the last that still exists in the world. They are a group of people who move from one place to another place along with their tribe. Nomadism is the tribal lifestyle, actually, and their economy is based on herding. This seasonal movement from one place to other sites is very interesting for tourists, especially for those who live in metropolitans. Nomads move to the colder countryside in summer and back to warmer areas in autumn and winter. Elcid tour Nomadic tour is a chance to trip with these tribes and see these attractions that are still present in the 21st century. You can visit their life, taste their wood stove cooked local food, see their style of animal herding, and understand their customs. For those who wish to visit the Nomadic culture of Iran, there is no better chance to visit the original people of Iran living in Zagros Mountain ranges.


Day1: Arriving at Shiraz

Day2: The trip begins in Shiraz by heading to Yasouj in the morning. Yasouj is the center of Kohgiluyeh Province, populated by the Lor people of south-western Iran. Meanwhile, we will visit “Margoon,” one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. We end the day at one of the Yasouj Tourist Complexes that located at the top of a hill overlooking the city and presenting a stunning view.

Day3: Early in the morning after breakfast, we will leave Yasouj for the Qashqai tents in an area around Zagros mountain range and spending two nights in the Nomads’ tents you will experience Nomadic lifestyle and depending on the guests’ desire, we can go hiking or mountain climbing which would be one of the best experiences in this trip.

Day4: You will be heading to Tang-e Boragh, which is a beautiful valley close to a village with the same name. This village located in a highland region bounded by landscapes, including green fields around the town, vast forests, and gardens, especially during spring and summer. In Tang-e Boragh, we will see a waterfall, straits, caves, and plains all at the same time. Tange e Boragh village has been a cool countryside location for Nomads on their way to Eghlid since two centuries ago. Their products include rice, wheat, beans, apple, peach, yogurt, butter, dough, and curd also Their handicraft consists of carpet and rug weaving. We will be back to relax in our nomadic tents.

Days5: we are going to Shahr-e Kord for a night of excellent memories. 2050 meters hight above the sea, it is known as the highest city in Iran, and it is called the “The Roof of Iran.” After residing at a Hotel in Shahr-e Kurd, having lunch, and a short rest, we head for the charming lagoon of Chagha Khor. Shahr-e Kord is the only place that there is snow on the grass, storks beside the fish and fountains flowing as the willows swing as you can see them twice in the reflection of the wetland.

Day6: This day, we will visit Saman city after breakfast, located at the shores of the Zayandeh River. Saman is known for its farming, gardening, and tourism attractions. Due to the particular geographical situation, the city’s famous agricultural products are the production of crops such as almonds and walnuts. Zaman Khan Nafar Bridge, from the Safavid period, is one of the valuable ancient sites in the city. After touring Saman, we will head back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, our destination will be Koohrang. Traveling to Koohrang, we will visit the waterfalls and springs of the region. We will stay a night in this camp where it will be possible for us to witness the Nomadic lifestyle. Watch the ceremonies and customs of Nomads while having the opportunity of horseback riding, shooting, watching local dancing, and enjoying local foods.

Day7: This is the last day of our trip. We will head to Isfahan and stay a night there. We will visit the essential heritages there. Naghsh-e Jahan Square which is a UNESCO site is included in our tour as well. Staying one is not sufficient to see Isfahan all attractions. However, on this tour, we aimed to understand the nomads’ life in Iran.

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