Turkamans in Iran

The Most Famous Things in Iran That You Need to Try

We human beings’ curious nature that we like to know about everything, especially when it is related to traveling and having fun.

We tend to search for beautiful and historical places to see and click some memorable pictures.

After satisfying the visiting part and clicking, we think about what should we eat? Which restaurants are the best? Then comes the option of searching the restaurants and cafes and so on.

In general, human beings are never satisfied. We need a lot of research to help ourselves before booking the tickets to enjoy ourselves at the destination we chose.

In the case of Iran, I can guarantee you it is going to be a bit difficult.

You ask why?

Because Iran is a country where you will be confused about many things; Like which places to visit or where to have a delicious meal and even capture your travel’s best moments.

The answer to all your questions will be given in this content, so stay focused and connected.


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iran toursPerspolis in Iran



Iran Famous Foods


Iranian people have so long been recognized to be great cooks. You are sure to notice this fact whenever you travel to Iran and see it yourself and get the taste of the fantastic foods the Iranian people make at their restaurants.

The most famous Iranian foods are delicious and have been liked by a lot of travelers.

See it yourself!



  • Ghormeh Sabzi: It is the one dish which is loved by all small to big. It is a stew, and it is excellent when it is served with rice.

It has attached the attention of many Iranian and tourists. I am giving you a guarantee whenever you visit any restaurant and ask for this dish. You will love it.

The ingredients of the ghormeh sabzi stew are nothing but meat. It can be lamb as well, fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander, and even spinach.


ghorme sabzi

  • Khoresht- Bademjan: Bademjan, described as eggplant, can be cooked in many different ways and styles. Iranian people are master in it.

Among them, the most popular one is the khoresht bademjan.

The main ingredients in this particular dish or stew are meat and eggplant along with onion and spices. Tomatoes can be added based on the choice of the cook.

Khoresht bademjan

  • Khoreshte Gheimeh: It is a stew again which is made of meat and yellow split peas.

Additional ingredients of the khoresht gheimeh are tomato paste, onion, and spices.

Have you ever heard the word Nazri?

It is the distribution of Iranian food for free during some religious events and occasions. Hence, the khoresht gheimeh is one of the most famous stew in the Nazri.

khoresht gheymeh

  • Khoresht Mast: Khoreshte mast is described to be the beef stew yogurt.

This stew is mainly cooked in Isfahan, and irrespective of its name, it tastes great.

Khoreshte mast can be enjoyed as a main course dish or as a dessert as it has a sweet taste.

The ingredients are simple, beef, and plain yogurt. The main ingredient is the saffron as the color states as well, turmeric and sugar.

Khoresht Mast

Do try this dish if you visit the province of Isfahan.


  • Dizi: Dizi or abgoosht has a story of more than a hundred years. It is a mixture of meat and beans.

It is a stew which is made from the lamb and the chickpeas.

Dizi is usually served with the traditional stone dish named dizi, and hence they are called the stew dizi as well.



  • Ash Reshte: Talking about it even can make the person’s mouth water.

Ash reshte is another excellent, tasty, and traditional dish, and it is usually served during the winters.

It is made up of chickpeas, beans, and a lot of herbs and noodles.


Ash Reshte

  • Kababs: Kababs and Iranian chefs. Two magical words together.

Iranian-style kababs are tremendous, and I can indeed say if you do not try it, then you have lost something big in your life.

The kababs are mainly tender, succulent and can come in various types, tastes, and shapes.

Some examples worth trying are barg, Chanje, Bakhtiari, and even the koobideh.



  • Zereshk Polo ba Morgh: The best, yummiest, and the prettiest dish you will encounter in Iran.

The zereshk polo ba morgh is a dish usually made with saffron and chicken and tomato stew.

Barberries are used for this dish, and they are vibrant and have a sour taste, which makes the dish an interesting combination of tart and sweet.

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh


Iran Famous Ethics


Turkamans in Iran


Iran is a multiethnic country with many ethnic groups that include the Persians, Kurds, Lurs, Baluchs, Turkmen, Azeri, Gilaks, Talysh, and even Tats.

Iran is a country that enjoys a mixture of cultures and ethnics which are borrowed from comprehensive.

Persian people have come from Persia, and as we know, Iran was once called Persia until the year 1935. Persians are the largest group in Iran. It should be noted that all Iranians are not Persians, but all Persians are considered Iranians.

The Persians take major urban parts such as Tehran, Esfahan, Mashhad, Yazd, and Shiraz.

Azeri’s in Azerbaijan and the people there speak in the Turkish language, which is relatively close to Turkish and has been influenced by Arabic and Persian languages.

Lurs are from the largest ethnic group in Iran, and they have their traditional homeland in the famous Zagros mountain. The language they speak is close to Persian. They have been able to occupy the Luristan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, and few more provinces.


Lurs in IranBaluchi’s and the people of Baluch live in the central part of Sistan and Baluchistan.

They are considered the ancient Iranians who are genuine and have their respective feasts and celebrations.

baluchs in Iran


Turkmen are primarily located in the province of Golestan and the northern part of Khorasan. The Turkmen are well known to be a great horse rider.



Iran Famous Landmarks


Luckily, Iran is blessed to have many landmarks that are either cultural or historical and even natural.


Iran Famous Landmarks


Tehran Azadi Tower


The Azadi or Freedom Tower is a symbol for the entire country. It was completed in 1971 by the students Hossein Amanat as a tribute to the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.


Tehran Azadi TowerKashan the Historical House of Borujerdi



Kashan is known to be the province of many historical houses. Some of them have been converted to boutique hotels and are very luxurious.

The Borujerdi historical house is built in 1857 by an architect for a merchant’s rich wife. It consists of interior and exterior yards that are traditional.

Kashan the Historical House of BorujerdiEsfahan the Naqsh-e Jahan Square


Esfahan is terrific, and it has been called half of the world.

It has a lot of historical places and museums that are being visited by tourists every year.

It is a breathtaking mosque, and you will love the surroundings when you visit.


Esfahan the Naqsh-e Jahan Square


Vank Cathedral in Esfahan


This particular church was established in the year 1606, and it is located at the New Jolfa. The Cathedral has two museums and a library, and hundreds of tourists visit the church and museums annually.

Inside the Cathedral campus, a church covers beautiful paintings that leave the jaws of the visitors open.

It is a place worth visiting. You will get to know a lot about the culture and the ethnicities of the Armenians who reside in Esfahan.


Vank Cathedral in Esfahan


Tabriz the Historic Bazaar Complex


Tabriz has been a significant city and a center of trade because of the strategic location along the road of the silk.

The historic bazaar complex is one of the oldest that is located in the middle east.

Tabriz the Historic Bazaar Complex


Iran Famous Historical Places


Iran was considered the heart of the great Persian empire once and stretched from Greece to China.

Iran has many historical places that have been seen by a lot of tourists and visitors, but have you?

Let us see what the great historical places worth visiting and capturing moments for are.




  • Persepolis in Shiraz


The beauty of this particular historical place cannot be shown in the pictures. The details, the tiny images carved on the walls, all have to be seen and felt close.

The evidence shows that the early remains of the Persepolis go back to almost 515 BC.


  • Nasir Al Mulk Mosque in Shiraz


Nasir Al Mulk mosque belongs to the 19th century, and it is precisely like a jewel box. It has an interior that is filled with colorful lights as soon as the sun rises.

It is, of course, worth visiting, and the stained window glasses are not the unique feature of this beautiful mosque; it has a colored tile inside and has got the nickname of The Pink Mosque.

Nasir Al Mulk Mosque in Shiraz


  • Golestan Palace in Tehran            

The Golestan palace is a Qajar complex dynasty. It was built in the 18th and 19th centuries. It consisted of ample gardens and many royal buildings that once were contained within the citadel walls in Tehran.


Golestan Palace in Tehran   

  • Shah Cheragh in Shiraz

It is a very glittering building with an interior that can transform visitors into an entirely new world. The inside of the Shah Cheragh is lined with glass tiles bouncing the light in all directions and intricate geometric designs.

This beautiful monument is considered to be a pilgrimage site since the 14th century.


Shah Cheragh in Shiraz

  • Ali Qapu Palace in Esfahan           

The historical Ali Qapu Palace is located in the west part of the Naqshe Jahan Square, right opposite the Sheikh Lotfollah. It should be noted that this particular historical place has been commissioned by Shah Abbas I in the 17th century and has many paintings of the wall by the Reza Abbasi.


Ali Qapu Palace in Esfahan

  • Khaju Bridge in Esfahan

Khaju Bridge has been built by the great-grandson of Shah Abbas I, and it is both a bridge and a dam. It has 23 decorated arches that were once serving as a tea house along with public meetings.

         Khaju Bridge in Esfahan


  • Pasargadae in Shiraz                  

The Pasargadae was created and built by Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BCE. Pasargadae covers 1.6 sq. km, which includes being the mausoleum of Cyrus. It is believed that this historical place has inspired India’s Taj Mahal and the Alhambra of Spain.

Pasargadae in Shiraz


  • Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan

The Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is also known as The bathhouse of the Qasemi. It was constructed in the 16th century and covered with gold tile work and artistic paintings. Unfortunately, the earthquake was damaged in the year 1778 and renovated in the era of Qajar. Today this fantastic historical place is a museum, which gives the visitors an incredible insight into the life the early ancient people had in Iran.


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan

Iran Famous Cities

To answer this question, I have to say that it is a tough one. All the cities of Iran have a unique story to tell.

They all have a beautiful history, amazing people, and fantastic places to visit. After all, the few famous ones that can be named and listed are Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Sari, Yazd, Tabriz, Kerman, Qom, Mashhad, Zanjan, and so on.

Many tourists and travelers have visited these mentioned cities because of the beautiful scenic monuments, historical places, and deep-rooted history.

All these have made the cities mentioned above famous.


Iran Famous Cities

Iran Famous Buildings

Be sure when you travel to Iran, there is no shortage of monuments. You have ample places, historical monuments, and buildings to visit and create the best memory of your life.

Some of the significant famous buildings in Iran are stated below. Follow to know more.



 1. Eram Garden and the Palace in Shiraz


Beauty at its best! In it?

This particular unique Persian garden has been built in the mid-13th century. It has always kept its aesthetic along with comfort for the visitors.

The Eram garden and palace have colorful tile work along with the lush garden.

Eram Garden and the Palace in Shiraz 

  2. Bazaar in Yazd


The Bazaar in Yazd has faced many environmental issues. Now it has adapted itself to it and has been a unique Persian architecture right in Yazd.


Bazaar in Yazd

 3. Tower and the fort of Bam in the province of Kerman


It is located in the ancient desert city in the province of Kerman. Arg-e-Bam is the largest adobe building globally and was created more than 2000 years ago during the empire of Parthian.

After the invention of Afghans, the city had been largely abandoned in 1722. Still, fortunately, it has repopulated gradually due to tourism.


Tower and the fort of Bam in the province of Kerman 

 4. Shams-of-Emareh


The idea of the Shams-of- Emareh belonged to the Nasser-ol-Din Shah to create a tower with a panoramic view of the entire city. The construction of this beautiful building was over 1867, right after two years as it had started.

It should be noted that climbing the top is impossible. Still, at least we can imagine and think about the achieving success that the Nasser-ol-Din Shah desired.



 5. Saraye Roshan


The Saraye Roshan is located on Naser Khosrow, one of Tehran province’s oldest roads.

It has been established in the year 1932 as a commercial center.


Saraye Roshan

Iran Famous Sports

Every country has a unique sport which talks about the people of it. In Australia’s case, it’s the rugby, India is known for hockey and rugby, and Armenia is famous for wrestling and chess.

Iran, on the other side, is known mainly for soccer and freestyle wrestling, and Zoorkhane.


Iranians are known for playing soccer or football and futsal, which is the soccer version played with fewer players than football.

Team Melli Iran

Coming back to wrestling, it has been the national sport of the Iranian people. Iran has been successful in many world championships and has won a lot of championships.

Among all the wrestlers, we can name the Takhti, the most famous wrestler in Iran, and has won most of the well-known world championships.


Takhti the greatest Wrestler Zoorkhane is a place where men go to do a sport named Pahlevani or Zoorkhane Rituals. It was a place to train warriors for wars in ancient Iran. But nowadays, people go there to keep alive the spirit of solidarity and courage. This sport is played with a specific song. You can see this sport in different Zoorkhane in Yazd, Isfahan or Tehran alive.


Wrestling in Iran

Iran Famous Festivals


The famous Iranian festivals are few, but they are a worthy celebration. Some of them are stated below.

  • Yalda Night


When we say the longest night in the year, we talk about the Yalda night.

It is a famous victory of the lights over the darkness along with good over the evil.

The watermelon and the pomegranate in this day have the symbol of red of dawn and the fact of light dominating over the dark.

It is celebrated on the 21st December every year by all the people all over the c country.


Yalda Night

  • Nowruz

The happiest, the most awaited festival. Yes! The Persian new year. The only time of the year where the streets are bussing with enthusiasm to do shopping, selecting the best goldfish and so on.

It is celebrated on the 20th March by all the people who are living in the country.



  • Kashan Rosewater Festival


The process of rosewater harvesting is a unique experience and pleasure for the nose and the eyes.

Momentous houses are present in Kashan, and it is a desert city. The fragrance of the pink color Mohammadi roses that bloom in colossal quantity is just unique.

The best time for the process of the rosewater festival is from March to June in Esfahan.


Kashan Rosewater Festival

  • Chahar Shanbe Suri


All the Iranians celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri all over the country. It is also known to be the red Wednesday and to be more precise, it is the last Wednesday before the Nowruz.


Chahar Shanbe Suri


Iran Famous Mosques

Here are the mosques in Iran, especially their architecture, blend geometric designs, symmetry, and beautiful vibrant colors that dazzle the visitors’ eyes.


  • Shah Cheragh in Shiraz


Apart from being a mosque, it is also the tomb of the two brothers: the Shia Imam’s sons, the seventh. It has detailed tile, gold-dipped minarets, and a blue dome.


Shah Cheragh in Shiraz 

  • Nasir-ol-Molk in Shiraz


As the picture says, it is one of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping mosques you will ever encounter in Iran.

This stunning masterpiece’s nickname is the pink mosque, as it has a lot of rose-hued tiles.


Nasir-ol-Molk in Shiraz

  • Imam Mosque in Esfahan


The beautiful mosque is located in Esfahan and is known to be the blue-hued tile walls mosque.

It can attract and grab a lot of tourists and travelers by its beauty.


Imam Mosque in Esfahan

  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan


This unique mosque is recognized for the defiant off-center dome as well as lack of minerals.

The crown is the focal point of the visitors’ attention, along with its arabesque design that is smaller as you approach its center.


Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan

  • Blue mosque in Tabriz province


The mosque bears damages resulting from the earthquake, which occurred in the year 1779. The inside of the mosque shows examples of Islamic calligraphy, which includes the Kufic and the Thuluth scripts and the arabesque’s geometric patterns.


Blue mosque in Tabriz province

 Famous Things to Do in Iran

Apart from visiting the beautiful places and learning about the history, you can enjoy yourself in the mountains either for hiking, skiing, climbing or even the deserts for camel riding, safari, and enjoying the warmth of the sand by your feet and the beauty of the night with your soul.

The activities highly depend on which months and which season you have paid your visit to Iran but small advice, do eat food in the restaurants and feel the spice of Iran and the great taste at least once in your life as I am sure it is not going to be the last time for you.


The content was a deep and meaningful description of Iran and all the favorite things related to it, starting from food, sport, famous buildings, etc.

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