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When to travel to Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most touristic countries globally, and of course, many people travel to this beautiful country with a pleasant climate throughout the year. One of the most critical questions that may come to mind is when to travel to turkey? Cause knowing the best time to visit Turkey is a concern for many travelers and tourists. Well, the answer won’t be the same for everyone. The best time to visit Turkey may be different for many purposes and people. So, in this article, we will talk about the best time to visit turkey for other purposes.

When is the best season to travel to turkey?

Most cities in Turkey have an attractive Mediterranean climate. Still, some of the country’s cities have better temperatures and are good options for traveling. These cities include Istanbul, Antalya, Analia, Kusadasi, Bodrum, and Izmir that you can take the best Turkey tours to visit them. With their remarkable tourism facilities, these cities are suitable subjects for a full-fledged time and endless pleasure. Unique beaches, attractive food, beautiful and luxury hotels, stunning nature, and accessible transportation are among these tourist centers’ advantages. But when to travel to Turkey and these cities?

When is the best season to travel to turkeyIf you are running away from the cold weather, we recommend traveling to turkey in the winter. Because in the winter, it snows in most cities in Turkey. So if you travel to this country in the cold seasons, do not forget warm clothes. Of course, some also prefer Turkey’s winter travel. But the best time to travel to Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the spring season, October and July. The two months of August and September also bring a lovely warmth to the cities of Turkey.

best season travel to turkey elcidtourFrom the tourists’ point of view, the spring and early summer months are the best time to visit Turkey. Of course, Turkey has its own beauties at any time of the year that may delight different tastes, so choosing the best time to travel to Turkey can be quite a matter of taste. So, let’s talk about the weather in Turkey at different times of the year so you can choose when to travel to turkey?

Seasons and weather in Turkey

Istanbul and the European part of Turkey have hot summers and cold winters with snowfall. From May to April and from September to mid-November in autumn, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Turkey and its tourist attractions. Because this time the temperature is enjoyable and the sky is clear.

The beaches of the Aegean elcidtourThe beaches of the Aegean and the Mediterranean both have a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. You can visit the beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi in Turkey winter travel and all other seasons all year round.

In Turkey elcidour travelIn Turkey, it rains a lot in winter, along the coast. So the summer months remain hot and dry, and the amount of rainfall in this season decreases. If you want to relax on the beach, travel to Turkey in the summer. If you spend most of your time in eastern Turkey, Turkey’s best time in these areas may be a little different.

turkey tour elcidtourThe climate of these areas with scorching and dry summers that reach 40 degrees and dry and cold winters with heavy snowfall is suitable for snow lovers that prefer Turkey winter travel. Spring, autumn, and early summer are the best times to visit Turkey and its eastern regions. Because the temperature is mild and pleasant and tends to remain relatively dry.

When is the best time to visit Turkey for shopping?

As we said, traveling to different countries and cities can have various reasons. Someone like the author of this text loves to travel to experience other foods, some travel for leisure, some to have fun, and some to shop.

When is the best time to visit Turkey for shoppingOf course, some tourists have all or some of these goals, but it is usually one reason for each person’s most important. So one of the most critical questions for shopping lovers is when to travel to turkey? When is the best time to visit Turkey to experience good shopping at a reasonable price?  For a good shopping experience, you need to know the best season to shop in Turkey, Turkey’s sale season, and shopping festivals.

The best season for shopping in Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey for shopping is all seasons. So whether you want to travel to Turkey is summer, or you prefer turkey winter travel, you can have a great shopping experience in this country. This is because shopping festivals in Turkey, especially shopping festivals of different brands, are available in all seasons and are held with a slight change of time. For a cost-effective shopping experience, just don’t miss these festivals and sales of different brands. If you travel to Turkey at the right time, there is a more than 90% chance to reach the sale time.

Turkey seasonal sales elcidtourSome brands hold their seasonal sales at the end of each season to sell the remaining products from the previous season at auctions. Some brands also divide their sales into two parts and hold them in the form of autumn-winter and spring-summer parts at the end of each year’s hot and cold seasons.

Turkey seasonal sales

Most sales are held at the end of essential seasons and days such as Eid al-Fitr, Valentine, etc. The Turkey summer sales begin with rising temperatures. These sales start at the beginning of June. of course, the peak of this seasonal sale is in September and with the end of the season’s hot weather. If you want to find the best time to visit Turkey to reach the summer sale, we suggest you travel to this country, especially Istanbul, at this time. Because it is the most important city in Turkey, it has better and bigger sales than in other cities in Turkey.

cities in Turkey travel elcidtour

If you want to go to the winter sale and prefer Turkey winter travel, it is better to choose the middle of December for your trip. The best time to visit turkey for shopping is the beginning of January, which is equal to the peak of cold weather. The discounts on these this reach up to 50%, and nevertheless, you will have a pleasant purchase. Some brands may even offer more deals in the future to sell the rest of last season’s items.

Turkey Shopping Festivals

Of course, shopping festivals are actually different from seasonal sales. The difference is that in shopping festivals, all kinds of items, even home appliances, are distributed at exceptional prices. This is an excellent opportunity for people who live in the country. But on the other hand, seasonal sales are a good option for tourists who travel to this city throughout the year. So, if you want to know when to travel to turkey for this purpose, just coordinate your travel time with these sales.

tourists who travel elcidtour turkey

The best time to visit Turkey for leisure

Apart from all the above, there are times when it is the best time to visit Turkey to have fun. Some people consider traveling to different places, like entertainment. Still, entertainment includes other things besides touring natural and cultural sites and attractions.

The best time to visit Turkey for leisure elcidtourYou want to know when to travel to turkey because it is supposed to be a memorable and different journey for you. The most important part of this trip is the famous Turkish festivals to enjoy your trip by participating in them. Most of these festivals are held in the main cities of Turkey, namely in Istanbul and Antalya. In the next part, we will briefly introduce these famous Turkish festivals.

Famous festivals in Turkey

Istanbul Film Festival: the best time to visit turkey for movie enthusiasts is during the Istanbul film festival. One of the most important festivals in Turkey is the Istanbul Film Festival. Istanbul is the most cultural city in Turkey. Most of the festivals and cultural and artistic events of Turkey are held in this city.

festival turkey elcidtourSuppose you are interested in participating in this festival. You want to know when to travel to turkey to attend this festival. In that case, you should be in Turkey every April. This ten-day festival will be held with the presence of 200 cinematic works and during which prizes will be awarded to the best outcomes.

turkey tourBodrum Music Festival: This festival is held annually in Bodrum International Jazz and Theater Hall. In this international festival, bands from Turkey and other countries will participate and perform their artworks. We think the best time to visit Turkey is this date.

Attractive Sand Sculpture Competition elcidoutrAttractive Sand Sculpture Competition: This festival is also one of the international festivals in Turkey. Every year, professional sculptors from many countries of the world come to Antalya’s beaches to make their sand sculptures. This is the best time to visit Turkey for art lovers.

Antalya tour elcidtourSide Culture and Art Festival: One of Turkey’s most famous cultural and artistic festivals is the Side Culture and Art Festival, which is held in Antalya. In this festival, many concerts are stored in this province’s open and historical spaces, which has many attractions. So if you want to know when to travel to Turkey, it is a great option.

Children's Day turkey elcidtourIndependence Day and the National Republic and Children’s Day: On April 23, 1920, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, convened for the first time by Ataturk, conquered the children of the country and formed the Republic of Turkey. That is why the children of this land sit on all the parliament seats with the president. This assembly is filmed and broadcast on television. The festival is held across the country, and students worldwide are invited to spend a week with a Turkish family as guests.

Children's Day turkey elcidtour

The cheapest time to travel to Turkey

Sometimes, you want to travel n budget. Maybe you want to use medical tourism in Turkey services and don’t want to spend a lot on the other options for your trip. It is quite clear that the cold months of the year (December to the end of February) are the cheapest time to travel to Turkey. At this time, in winter travel Turkey, you will face a reduction in flight tickets and hotel prices and other costs, and you will have cost-effective travel experience. So, if you want to know the best time to visit Turkey on budget, choose winter. Don’t forget that you must have warm clothes with you due to the cold weather and heavy rain.

mosque turkey tourBut if you are looking for the best time to visit Turkey when both the prices and the weather is the best for you, May, October, and September are the best options for your trip. Although it starts raining in October, it’s not cold that much. In May, we face a decrease in the total amount of travel, which can be the best time to visit Turkey on budget.

The busiest or most secluded time to travel to Turkey

Many people must pay attention to the busiest and most secluded time of the trip before traveling. If you do not like the crowds, do not choose July and August to travel to Turkey. In contrast, October and April are the best time to visit Turkey with pleasant weather.

The busiest or most secluded time to travel to Turkey

Do not travel to Turkey during the holidays

A subject that many tourists are unaware of is holiday time. It may have happened to you that you have made it challenging to get somewhere during your trip that you really want to visit. Still, you are unaware that it is an official holiday, and it is impossible to stay there. There are also some official holidays in Turkey that some tourist places are closed. Take a look at some of these holidays below that you should consider, especially when you want to find out when to travel to Turkey.

  • Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays.
  • The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmad Mosque) is closed every day from 11:30 to 13:30 and 14:30 to 15:30. It is not possible to visit on Fridays due to Friday prayers from 13:00 to 13:30.
  • Istanbul Grand Bazaar is also closed on June 15, August 21, and October 29.
  • Historical and ancient museums and attractions are also closed from 1pm on June 15 and August 20.
  • The cities on religious holidays and various national days are closed in Turkey
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