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Beaches in Turkey


It is no secret that Turkey, with its approximately 7,000 km of coastline, has the most beautiful and unique beaches in the world. That is why many visitors travel to Turkey to have fun and relax on Turkey’s unique beaches every year. Imagine relaxing on the warm sands of the beach in the bright sunlight while enjoying the soothing sound of the sea while staying in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. That’s what you need after a stressful and busy year. This is a dream vacation.

Turkey has three incredibly beautiful and unique coastlines: one of these spectacular beaches is located in the north and along the Black Sea. The second one, located in the west of Turkey, is one of the most beautiful beaches globally along the Aegean Sea across Greece borders and the numerous islands. The most beautiful beach in Turkey is the Mediterranean beach located along the Mediterranean Sea in southern Turkey.


The best time to visit beaches in Turkey


The best time to visit the Mediterranean coast in Turkey

The Mediterranean beaches, also known as Turkey’s golden beaches, are located along the clear, clean, and azure Mediterranean Sea, which is why they are often called the Turquoise Beach. The large cities along the coast usually have extensive beach resorts, ancient castles, historic places with cobbled streets, and many attractions and sightseer attractions. Many tourists choose Turkey as a tourist destination just for relaxing and using these unique beaches every year.

The best time to visit Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is from early April to mid-May and from mid-September to late October. During this time, you can avoid summer’s heat and humidity, the hustle and bustle of peak tourist times, and the hustle and bustle of school holidays in Turkey. Also, the climate of these areas in the mentioned period is favorable, warm, and dry. Also, tourist attractions are secluded, and the costs of hotels, restaurants, and transportation are more reasonable. The most important thing to note is that, during this period, the Turkish public transport system in these areas provides services regularly and on schedule. This, of course, is due to the lower population density and tourist traffic in this period.


best time to travel to the Aegean coast in Turkey


The best time to travel to the Aegean coast in Turkey

White sand, clear sea, and sunshine are the most favorable features of the Aegean coast in Turkey, which has made this region one of the natural tourist attractions. Sunbathing on the warm sands, listening to the unique sound of the sea, and staring at the beautiful scenery is what can take you away from a bustling lifestyle and give you peace.

The best time to visit the Aegean coast is April-May and mid-September to the end of October. During this time, stay away from the heat and humidity of summer, the peak tourist population and school holidays in Turkey, and enjoy the Aegean coast’s dry and sunny weather. During this period, the temperature range will be between 9 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Beaches and tourist attractions are not very crowded, and flights and hotels are cheaper.


best time to travel to the Black Sea coast in Turkey


The best time to travel to the Black Sea coast in Turkey

Due to the north and west winds and the high mountains in this region, Turkey’s Black Sea coast has a cloudy and rainy climate almost all year round. But if you want to enjoy the sun on the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey, the best time to travel is summer. However, due to many tourists in small coastal towns in the mentioned period, the population density in this region of Turkey almost doubles. Therefore, you may have to pay more for accommodation and transportation. However, relaxing in these areas, visiting tourist areas, using the facilities and beach infrastructure in this area, and the favorable climate is definitely worth the cost.


best beach tourism places in Turkey


The best beach tourism places in Turkey


Here are 10 of the most popular beaches in Turkey


  1. Kabak Beach

To reach this stunning beach, you must first go to the village of Kabak, located 25 km from the resort town of Oludeniz. A 30-minute walk then takes you to a steep path that leads to Kabuk Beach. Access to this beautiful bay, surrounded by unique pine forests and high mountains, is only possible by descending this steep and impassable path. The tranquility that awaits you on this beautiful beach is worth the effort. Also, watching the beach from the top of this sloping path will be an unforgettable experience for you.

On the white sands of Kabak Beach, you will be mostly among locals, nature lovers, and nature adventurers. You will not find many amenities, including any water sports or beach chairs for rent. The atmosphere is remarkably relaxing; people come here mainly to understand this area’s natural beauty and unique silence. Of course, in some areas, you may find one of the beach bars equipped with a canopy to escape the sun. Otherwise, you will only meet the Mediterranean Sea, a few turtles, and possibly some pristine environmentalists. So if you love pristine nature and enjoy untouched natural landscapes, do not miss this unique beach. It is also an ideal place for photographers, especially nature photographers.


Kabak Beach in turkey



  1. Marble Beach

You may not expect to see one of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya’s heart in the heart of Turkey, which is not a correct expectation. Located just a short distance from Antalya city center, Mermerli Beach is an urban coastal area that has revitalized an old port. Because Antalya is a pedestrian-only area. Walking is the only way to reach this coastal area, making it an ideal place to relax, sunbathe, and swim after a long walk in Antalya.

To get to the beach, pay a small fee at Mermerli Restaurant entrance, then descend a wooden staircase to reach the beach. Umbrella chairs will be available in the area, and you can order drinks, ice cream, and food at the restaurant and bring it with you to the beach. Rocky plateaus, wooden terraces, a natural beach made of brown sand are available for you. Although there is limited space, a beautiful view of the clear and azure sea will caress your eyes.


Marble Beach in turkey


  1. Blue Lagoon

Undoubtedly, Ölüdeniz Wetland is the most famous beach in all of Turkey, and probably the whole world. Rarely can you find a place with the natural beauty of this beach, which is why Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon is home to many tourists from all over the world? In the center is a protected nature park, with high mountains in the background. This coastal area has fine sand, but most visitors like to relax in the warm, shallow water. The surface water of this area is a safe and unique place for children to swim and play. So this beach is an ideal place for families to relax safely here.

Until the early 1980s, the Blue Lagoon was a relatively unknown gem known only to locals. These days, hotels, bars, restaurants, and many facilities are available in this area. One of the most popular pastimes here is paragliding from the nearby mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you prefer to stay at sea level, you can provide a rowing boat and enjoy boating in this area’s shallow and clear waters. If you visit this lagoon, you will know why it is known as the most popular tourist beach globally.


Blue Lagoon in turkey


  1. Icmeler Beach

What was once a small fishing village is now one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations for families, young couples, teens, and cruises. Only 8 km from Marmaris is the tourist village of Icmeler, whose golden sands are very famous. A 6 km long coastline covered with gold-colored sand, which is cleaned every night until it looks flawless the next morning, has created one of the unique coastlines for tourists. Icmeler Beach is covered on one side with dense pine forests, and on the other side is surrounded by towering mountains that bring to life the fantastic feeling of the Caribbean coast. This is why it is also called the Turkish Caribbean.

Everything you expect from a tourist beach, including restaurants, cafes, leisure facilities, etc., can be found in this area. Icmeler Beach is a quiet beach with small waves, suitable for sun exposure and a long swim. However, if you are a water sports enthusiast, everything from parasailing to jet skiing and scuba diving is available on this beach. There are also excellent hiking trails in the nearby hills that offer beautiful views of the beach.


Icmeler Beach in turkey


  1. Patara Beach

Patara Beach, named after the ancient Lycian city of Patara, has now become a tourist destination. To get to the beach, you have to walk through the remains of a historic city (and of course pay a small fee), but the remains of old temples, streets, and monuments provide a good view of this part of the beautiful and brilliant Mediterranean coastline. With a length of 18 km, Patara is the longest coastline in the whole of Turkey, and you will easily find a beautiful place to enjoy it in private. The waters here are perfect for long walks in the sand, sunbathing, and swimming. The seawater is warm and shallow, so it is ideal for children and suitable for diving.

It is an untouched paradise made up of limestone peaks and white dunes and is part of a national park. You can see Various species of local animals and lively birds in the area, and the beach itself is a protected breeding ground for azure turtles. For this reason, the beach does not have many advanced facilities, only a small number of small cafés are available to you, from which you can buy beach umbrellas and other similar items. After sunset, human presence on the beach of Patara is prohibited and is assigned to sand turtles. Here the environment is more important than anything.


Patara Beach in turkey


  1. Cirali Beach

It may be hard to believe, but the tranquil scenery of Cirali Beach is less than an hour away from Antalya. Here is a purely natural attraction surrounded by mountains. This pristine beach is a dream place for history lovers and nature lovers. At one end of the beach, you will find the historical monuments of the epic ruins of Olympos, and on the other side, you will find the eternal flames of Chimaera. Along the sandy shoreline, endangered turtles are protected in the WWF Conservation Area between these two iconic sites. So be careful.

Cirali has clear waters and ample space for recreation. Although access to this place is not easy, it does not mean that few tourists visit this place. Since it is a protected area, the development of recreational and tourism facilities is restricted. That means that loud beach loads of water sports will not disturb your rest. Only a few restaurants, sun loungers, and a picnic area are available.


Cirali Beach in turkey



  1. Kaputaş Beach

Along the coastal road between Kas and Kalkan, a stunning beach nestled between two forested cliffs at the mouth of the Kaputas Valley is a fierce competitor to the world’s other natural tourist attractions for the most beautiful beach in the world. To reach this charming beach, you have to go down a staircase with 187 steps, but do not forget to stop at the top of the stairs to enjoy the unique view. A few photos with a breathtaking background of this beautiful beach can be the best souvenir Be for you.

You can lie on the warm sands of the beach and enjoy the sun, or enjoy swimming and diving in the clear turquoise waters. If you visit this area with your children, you can calmly let them play in the shallows and enjoy swimming. Modern leisure facilities have recently been added to this tourist complex, which guarantees a pleasant stay for you and your family. Although this is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, due to the vastness of the beach, you do not need to worry about crowds. Do not miss the food and drinks of beach cafes and restaurants, especially the Turkish Pancake Cafe.


Kaputaş Beach in turkey


  1. Cleopatra Beach

Right in the center of Alanya, on the slopes of Alanya’s medieval castle, Cleopatra Beach can be found, which is probably the most popular beach among travelers in Turkey. The 2.5 km long sandy beach is named after Queen Cleopatra, who is said to have fallen in love with this magical beach while traveling to the Mediterranean.

A beautiful walkway connects this clean and tidy beach to all the shops, cafes, and restaurants you need to spend all day on the beach. With more than two million visitors annually, Cleopatra Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Mediterranean. The warm waters of Cleopatra Beach are ideal for swimming. Due to strong winds and high waves, water sports such as surfing and paragliding can always be the right choice in this area.


Cleopatra Beach in turkey


  1. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Vallet or Kelebekler Vadisi is a lost paradise in Turkey, attracting nature lovers and those who enjoy wandering in untouched nature. But even if you do not like to spend the night in a tent or eat pre-prepared meals, do not forget to visit the Butterfly Vallet. Anyone who loves breathtaking natural scenery should visit this place at least once.

Access to this area from lüdeniz is by boat, and there is a fully sloping trail to this incredible beach. In short, this is a pristine paradise in the heart of Turkey, which is not easy to reach. This area is a beach consisting of azure waters with white sands that are surrounded by high mountain ranges. There are beautiful hiking trails around the coast that pass through stunning springs and waterfalls. The valley is called after the 100 native butterfly species that live in it, but these butterflies hate noise, so they are not easily visible today.


Butterfly Valley n turkey


  1. Iztuzu Beach

İztuzu Beach is a unique sandy beach due to the river’s freshwater on the one hand and the saltwater of the Mediterranean Sea on the other. The length of this beach is approximately 4.5 km. Because it is home to a rare turtle species, little construction has taken place in the area.  İztuzu Beach, referred to as Turtle Beach, is one of the most natural nesting sites for azure turtles in Turkey. The beach is only open to visitors in the summer from 8 am to 8 pm and is not open to the public at night.

Relaxing on the soft golden sands is the most common reason for tourists to visit this beautiful beach. The seawater is very suitable for swimming and surfing, and there is a large beach area for beach sports for tourists. Although not many tourists visit the site, there are small beach cafes and restaurants to serve tourists. If you love adventure and exploration, you can rent a boat and sail from the mouth of the river to the covered shore covered with rocks.


Iztuzu Beach in turkey



Frequently Asked Questions about beaches in Turkey

What are the best beaches in Turkey for families?


The most suitable beaches in Turkey that will bring you a pleasant experience with your family are:
Cleopatra Beach, Alanya
Icmeler Beach, Marmaris
Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz
Patara Beach, General

Are there any sandy beaches in Turkey?


Many beaches in Turkey are mixed sand and gravel beaches. Of course, there are only a few sandy beaches in Turkey, such as Patra, Cleopatra, Kaputas, etc.

What marine animals live in Turkey?


Turkey is home to many different species of fish because of four seas (the Black Sea, the Marmara, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean). You can also find various species of turtles in Turkey, which is why many Turkish beaches are a protected environmental habitat for turtles, and special laws and regulations apply to them off the coast of Turkey.

Are there sharks off the coast of Turkey?


There were a few shark attacks on Turkish beaches, despite millions of tourists visiting Turkey each year.

Is swimming in the Marmaris Sea safe?


The chances of seeing sharks on Marmaris Beach are slim, so enjoy swimming, diving, and other water sports in the beautiful azure sea.

How hot are the beaches of Istanbul in June?


The average temperature in June in Istanbul is 22 degrees Celsius, which changes to 30 degrees Celsius in the hottest part and 19 degrees Celsius in the lowest temperature. The hottest temperature recorded for Istanbul in June in this region is 41 degrees Celsius. However, the heat will probably reach over 30 degrees Celsius for several days.

What is the best time to travel to the beaches of Antalya?

The best time to travel to Antalya is between April and October. Because during these months, the weather in Antalya is pleasant during the day. Also, many fun events and activities are waiting for you on the beaches of Antalya. Therefore, the best time to visit the beaches of Antalya is between April and October.

What is the average temperature for beaches in Turkey in July?

July has an average daily temperature of 28 ° C in Turkey. Of course, this is the average temperature in Turkey. It is at the lowest temperature at 21 degrees Celsius, and in the hottest case, it reaches 34 degrees Celsius. The Mediterranean Sea shores will have an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius in July, which will increase in August.

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