save money when you visit Middle East

10 ideas to save money when you visit Middle East

Do you want to know if your travel dreams can become true in a world where everything has its price? Mainly if our pockets are emptier, it’s easy to feel that we can never afford to travel around the world. The great news is that the world is changing and you don’t have to be rich to go anymore. You just have to learn how you can efficiently spend money. If you are planning to travel and explore the best places to visit in Middle East, then this article is just for you.

Creating and adhering to a budget

Be conscious about when you have to save and when to splurge. Seek ways to save money and reward yourself during the journey. It’s a great way to keep track of your finances by having a budget.

Avoid eating near tourist destinations

You can save a great deal of money just by walking a few blocks where it is crowded. Restaurants tend to increase the price when they see flocks of tourists and try to exploit them. Most of the time, tour guides take you to the places that they have already known, and they earn a commission if you eat there. Therefore, you should know if the prices are higher than average, you can choose other options if they are available.

Travel during the off-season

When you don’t travel during high-season, you will be able to book flight tickets and accommodations at a reduced rate. In the high season, many popular locations in the Middle East raise prices as demand is growing. Since there are fewer tourists and less off-season service workers, you can often take things slowly and get to know the locals.

Exchange rate and ATM

If you are traveling to Middle East, then the chances of having Iran in your bucket list is very high. After all, it is a breathtaking country with magnificent tourist attractions. But in the country, there are no ATMs for foreigners, you must bring all your money in cash. So exchange money from somewhere where you will get the highest rate and check the price in advance.

Don’t go for rooms with the best view

During traveling, you will barely spend time in your room. At the end of the day, you just sleep there. There’s no point in renting a hotel with a swimming pool and bars when you are trying to save money.

Use T-Mobile

The Simple Choice Plan of T-Mobile offers text and data to its subscribers in over 140 countries without charge. Still, there is a way to avoid those sky-high roaming fees if you’re not a customer. You can also purchase and use SIM cards with an unlocked smartphone in each country you go to.

Be mindful of where you are staying until you book

To avoid transportation costs, stay in the central zone where you have a walking distance to everywhere. You can simply ask the travel agent you book with to stay in the city center, or if you are traveling without a tour, check the booking engines to find the best location. Staying in the city center is save you time and money without a doubt.

During your outings bring snacks and water

While exploring, it’s obvious that you will get hungry, so always carry your water bottle and light snacks to cut down unnecessary costs. It is evident that it is more fun to eat out, but you should pay attention to your destination too. Sometimes you have no chance except paying a couple of your euros for a bottle of water. Most of the time, tourist areas offer prices much higher than usual.

Bargain wherever you can

Don’t settle at whatever price the shopkeepers charge you. Always try to reason with them but in a polite way. In many places to visit in middle east, bargaining is a common phenomenon. Consequently, it is normal if you offer a new price when you go shopping, especially in Bazaars and local shops.

Do your own laundry

If you are traveling alone or camping somewhere, you know how to deal with this item. However, when you are going to destinations like Dubai, it is better to iron your own cloth, mainly if you are not on a business trip. In other countries in the middle east, like Iran, for instance, dry cleaning is cheap so that you can ask the hotel to this for you quickly.

Places to visit in middle east are not so expensive in general though these are the several tips that you can use to save money when you visit there.

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